April 2015

Exam Period Library Hours

Beginning Friday, April 17, the law library will remain open until 2am every night, including Friday and Saturday, until the end of the exam period. Opening times remain the same: 7am on M – F, and 8am on Sat and Sun.

To view all of the library's hours, visit our library hours calendar.



It's Exam Time - You Need a Break More Than Ever

By Maureen Cahill

When your brain is ready to explode, take a break with stress busters in the law library:
  • jigsaw puzzles on the reference desk
  • squares of bubble wrap for popping  at circulation
  • popular videos and magazines
  • putting greens in the stacks on the main floor
  • bowling in the basement
In addition, University Libraries will again sponsor a Paws and Relax break with therapy dogs on the quad, Wednesday, April 29, from 11am – 1pm.

Pause to watch the Paws and Relax video.


Book Repair Clinic

By Rachel Evans

On Tuesday April 14th the law library will again host the ever popular Book Repair Clinic!
Law students are invited to bring in their damaged books for repairs. Library staff members will assist in fixing up your:
  • damaged book spines
  • sections of pages that have fallen out
  • tears on individual pages
A table will be set up at the entrance of the law library where students are encouraged to drop off their books between 1 and 4 pm. All repairs will be made within 3 hours or less from the time your books are dropped off. Students should remember to pick up their books by 5 pm at the library's circulation desk. 


Career and Professional Resources Collection

By Wendy Moore

In partnership with the Career Development Office, the Law Library has developed a browsable collection of books focusing on many aspects of legal professional development and career resources. Learn networking skills, gain insight into the hiring process, or explore career details for a specific practice area. The Law Library adds new books to the collection frequently. Some recent new books include:

  • Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader by Herminia Ibarra (HD57.7 .I35 2015)
  • Happiness and the Law by John Bronsteen, Christopher Buccafusco, and Jonathan S. Masur (K380 .B765 2015)
  • Careers in Sports Law by Marc Edelman and Geoffrey Christopher Rapp (KF299.S66 E34 2014)
  • From Law School to Lawyer: Tools, Procedures, and Steps to Grow Your Practice by Jonathan D. McDowell (KF300 .M38 2015)
  • The Education of a Lawyer: Essential Skills and Uncommon Advice for Building a Successful Career by Gary Muldoon (KF300 .M85 2014)
  • Clearing the Last Hurdle: Mapping Success on the Bar Exam by Wanda M. Temm (KF303 .T38 2015)
  • The Lawyer's Field Guide to Effective Business Development by William J. Flannery, Jr. (KF316.5 .F58 2014)

The Career and Professional Resources collection is located in the Law Library reading room.  Just bring the books to the Circulation Desk to check them out!



Summer Access to Your Research Accounts

By Sharon Bradley

  • All law students have full access to Bloomberg Law over the summer.
  • Bloomberg Law does not have any use restrictions, so you are not only allowed to use Bloomberg Law during your summer employment, but are encouraged to do so.
  • Additionally, for the 3Ls who will be graduating and studying for the bar, you have access to your Bloomberg Law accounts for an additional 6 months after graduation.
Email Tara Jackson at with any questions.
  • Your Lexis ID will automatically extend for the summer. 
  • You don’t need to do anything to have access over the summer months. 
  • You are welcome to use your Lexis IDs for school research, intern or externships or at firms (including paid positions.)
  • Graduating 3Ls will have access until after the bar.  They also have the option to extend for 6 months afterwards.
Email Mark Thompson at with any questions.
For Returning  Students (Rising 2& 3Ls and any returning students)
  • Students need to extend their password for usage in June and July. All passwords are “normal” until May 31st and all goes back to “normal” on August 1.
  • Students will be getting an email and there will be a banner on the home page about Summer Access.
  • View the Summer Extension form with the information about reasons to extend - summer classes, law review/journal, research assistant, internship/externship for credit-all are reasons to extend. Students can extend at any time during the summer.
  • The biggest difference between Westlaw and other vendors-if student is working at a law firm, they need to get a Westlaw password for that firm.
For Graduating Students (Graduating in May 2015)
  • Students that are graduating this May will need to extend their passwords if they want to use Westlaw after May 31st. All May graduates have full access until May 31st
  • Once they have extended, they will get 60 hours of usage each month until November 2015. If they use 60 hours in June, their access will be denied until July 1 when they will get 60 more hours.
  • They can extend at any time but usage will stop in November. So for example if they extend in October, they will get 60 hours in October and 60 hours in November.
  • They will get an email and there will be a banner on home page (only graduates will see the graduate banner). Direct link for the extension.
Email Sue Moore at with any questions.

Law Dawgs of the Month

By Anne Burnett

This month we are proud to present a very special edition of the Law Dawg column - a selection of 9 law dawgs! Each dog included in this issue belongs to a 3L who is about to graduate this spring. Say hello, and wish an early congratulations to Harper, Apollo, Maggie, Waylon, Raven, Izzy, Zora, Dalai, and Buckley. All of these wonderful pets have no doubt helped their law student companions through countless hours of studying throughout their three years in law school. 

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as Law Dawg. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to

Just in time for graduation, Harper belongs to 3L Michael Madison.

Apollo can’t wait for his person, 3L Josh Dorminy to graduate! This is Law Dawg Maggie, a five month old west highland white terrier whose person is 3L Hannah Alise Rogers. Maggie says Go Dawgs! Party dawg Waylon belongs to 3L Eric Heath.

Raven is a two year old miniature schnauzer, who along with her mom Whitney Judson is a 3L. Raven's favorite activities include staring out the window looking for trespassers or squirrels, watching television--especially those dog show pageants that come on from time to time, and cuddling next to my mom while she does our school work.

Izzy is a rescued Labrador Retriever mix who has truly rescued her person, 3L Amanda Butterworth, by being a study buddy and best friend. Izzy's favorite foods are homemade biscuits and bacon, and she is looking forward to Amanda's graduation.


This awesome Law Dawg crew resides with 3L Michelle Davis. Zorra is the mischievous escape artist Siberian Husky. Dalai is the gorgeous large white dog, adopted from Circle of Friends Animal Society. Buckley is the smaller white dog, rescued by Michelle and her husband after a month or so of seeing him running stray in the streets (their original intent was to foster Buckley, but they decided to keep him, and "he is the best dog in the world").