September 2017

Meet Keven Gilbert

The Law Library has a new employee in the administrative office suite of the annex: Keven Gilbert. Hired in August 2017, Keven holds a bachelors in English from Georgia Southwestern State University. He has a background in journalism, previously holding a position with a newspaper of which he commented "you most certainly learn something new everyday." Get to know Keven a little more in the interview with him below, and stop by to give him a hearty welcome to the School of Law community:

  • How long have you resided in Athens, and what brought you here in the first place?  Music brought me to Athens. I first moved to Athens about 18 years ago to play in a band. I worked in restaurants during the day and played music with my friends almost every night. 
  • What instruments do you play? I play guitar, sing and write songs.
  • What do you like to listen to? Some of my favorite artists are Songs:Ohia, Velvet Underground, Neil Young and Beachwood Sparks.
  • Can you tell us a little about the band you are in? I'm lucky enough to play in a band with my close friends. We're called Noseeum. We don't play often enough, but we realize how lucky we are to live in Athens, so we try to play a show every now an then.
  • Could you share a little about your family and your favorite things to do around Athens? I've been married to my wife Cathleen for 11 years. We have a two year old son, Mick, and a dog named Darl. We're looking forward to cooler weather, so we can spend more time outside, visiting our friends and exploring North Georgia. We're also planning a winter vegetable garden. We try to visit our families in South Georgia frequently.
  • What are you currently reading? I'm reading a biography of the songwriter and musician Jason Molina.
  • Do you have a favorite scenic spot on campus yet? Since coming to work at the Law Library I've been enjoying eating my lunch around North Campus, usually on a bench in front of New College.

Legal Writing Resources in the Law Library

By Wendy Moore

The Law Library has created a new “mini-collection” of Legal Writing Resources.  Primarily made up of legal writing books published in the past 5 years or so, this collection has been created to make it easier for law students to browse and utilize these helpful resources.  This collection is housed near the Reference materials in the Main Floor Reading Room.  Books in this collection are available for 4 week checkout. 








Digital Commons Snapshot

By Rachel Evans

Since 2006 the Law Library has worked to preserve past events, publications and scholarly works for the University of Georgia School of Law community. To date, the resulting UGA School of Law Digital Commons repository has amassed a whopping 9,615 papers and accumulated a total of 1,550,878 downloads so far (as of 9/15/2017). Additionally 23,968 institutions have accessed works from 225 countries around the world. The collection grows daily thanks to the efforts of our wonderful team of law librarians dedicated to extending our law school’s reach and tracking our faculty’s scholarly footprint.

As the official institutional repository (IR) for our law school, the site brings together all of our community’s research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. IRs are an excellent vehicle for working papers or copies of published articles and conference papers. Presentations, senior theses, and other works not published elsewhere can also be published in the IR. This paper defines institutional repositories and argues their merits within an academic institution. The inclusion of a published journal article in the institutional repository is an extension of your copyright to that work. This site lists publishers’ blanket policies, and you can search for a particular journal here. As a Digital Commons project, our IR highlights various types of scholarship from working papers and journal articles to dissertations and theses. For more information visit our IR and Open Access research guide.

More Favorites from Fiction

We're back with more librarians and library staff sharing their favorite fictional lawyers from television, films and this time a video game. Follow the library's blog for more in this series:


Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

By Nina Guzman, Circulation Assistant

"I think Elle Woods is probably all of our favorite fictional lawyer of all time but we maybe feel pressure to name more obscure or serious characters. It’s alright, I’ll take the plunge for everybody else. This movie simultaneously satirizes the stereotypical Valley sorority girl and snobby Ivy League culture all in one fun and colorful swing. And Elle is a well rounded character who is charming and silly but never stupid. Not to mention the best wardrobe of any fictional lawyer EVER."

Check out Legally Blonde 1 and Legally Blonde 2 from the law library media display collection.

Read about more of Nina's favorites from fiction in her blog post.


Jack McCoy from Law & Order

By Keven Gilbert, Administrative Coordinator

"I was just obsessed with the original Law & Order in my twenties and I’m sure I’ve seen every episode. Some cable channel would play a couple of back to back episodes every day when I got home from work.  The show seemed to depict New York as a scary place where anything could happen. McCoy was a bit ruthless and a rule bender, and at times it seemed like it was necessary to achieve justice; at least he would contend. He was entertaining to watch and it made me interested in law and the judicial system. Also, McCoy wouldn’t always “get his man,” which was also entertaining to watch."

You can check out ALL seasons of Law & Order, including season one, from the law library media display collection.


Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo) from Ace Attorney

By Jason Tubinis, Information Technology Law Librarian

“My favorite fictional lawyer is Phoenix Wright, star of the Ace Attorney video game series (aka, Ryuichi Naruhodo, star of the Gyakuten Saiban video game series). Wright begins the series as a passionate (and more than a little naïve) defense attorney, desperately poring over evidence and testimony, looking for incongruities to prove the innocence of his clients. He eventually becomes an accomplished lawyer, but not without more than a handful of setbacks at the hands of childhood-friend-turned chief prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, or the coffee-loving attorney, Godot. The games are packed to the gills with dumb puns and even dumber scenarios. I mean, it’s a Japanese video game series, so it accurately reflects the practice of law as well as Indiana Jones faithfully depicts the study of archaeology. So while a trial technique instructor might think calling a bird to the witness stand is complete nonsense, one of the cases revolves the testimony of one Polly the parrot. There’s like 2 dozen games in the series now, and there was an animated adaptation a year or so ago.”


Piotr from A Short Film About Killing 

By Rachel Evans, Web Coordinator

"Piotr is a defense attorney who represents a young man that has murdered and stolen from a taxi driver. Although he fully invests himself in the trial, sympathizing with his client (even realizing he was present in the very same cafe with the boy just hours before the murder took place), his client is still found guilty and executed brutally. An extremely moving work, you will find yourself empathizing with Piotr as he grapples with the realities of an un-feeling legal system in late-Communist Poland that shows no mercy to a soul he believes committed an unlawful and awful act yet whose life circumstances somehow led him down a path to an unavoidable fate he did not really deserve. A Short Film About Killing is the 5th installment in Krzysztof Kieślowski's 10 hour-long 1988 Dekalog series originally aired on Polish television."

Read about more of  Rachel's favorites from fiction in her blog post.

Law Dawg of the Month: Wassail

By Anne Burnett

September’s Law Dawg is Wassail the Pig, who lives with 2L Sydney Redding. Wassail enjoys carrots, belly rubs, and heated blankets... however he has not shown any significant interest in property law (aside from frequently trespassing on the neighbor's property to visit their horses). 
All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, reptilian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to


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