September 2018

Celebrate Constitution Day on September 17th

By Amy Taylor

Attend a lecture and reception at 1:30 in the Chapel. The lecturer is Carol Berkin, Presidential Professor of History Emerita at Baruch College & the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Check out the library’s resources on the Constitution:

Tech Tip of the Month: Two-Factor Authentication is your (Kinda’ Weird) Friend!

By Jason Tubinis

We all have “that” friend, right? They text at weird hours, they can act a little awkward in otherwise normal situations, they have a knack for showing up at the worst time, etc. But you still hang out with them because their heart’s in the right place. They’re weird and ya’ love ‘em for it! And that’s what Arch-Pass Duo is: your slightly obnoxious friend that’s got your best interest at heart.
As future lawyers, you’re going to be dealing with lots of important, sensitive information across multiple services and devices. This data is incredibly valuable, particularly to the wrong kinds of folks. Two-Factor Authentication is one of the best ways to keep your sensitive information super safe.
The “two factors” in “Two-Factor Authentication” are basically “what you know” and “what you have”. What you know is your basic password or passphrase. “What you have” is something unique to you: your smartphone, a USB dongle, or maybe even a biometric like your fingerprint.  By requiring something more than a password, you make yourself a very unappealing target for cyber-shenanigans.
Take this time to learn how to best adapt to and use the mandatory Arch-Pass Duo app that stands between you and your email or UGA service. After “2FA” becomes just a part of the routine, I would highly recommend adopting it for other services you use, like Gmail or Facebook.
Learn more about Two-Factor Authentication at

Emergency Preparedness Resources

By Sharon Bradley

The month of September raises awareness for Emergency Preparedness. UGA is hosting an interesting lecture on Thursday September 13th from 1 to 2 pm in the Tate Center on "Current Trends in Terrorism" which will feature two intelligence analysts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The lecture will include discussions about vehicle ramming, IEDs and elevated shooters. There will also be a full test of UGA Alert notification system later this month on Thursday September 27th at 10:45 am. 

The University of Georgia School of Law has an excellent quick reference guide with several resources related to emergencies including weather, personal prep, active threats and other potential situations. Visit the UGA Law Quick Reference guide for a full list of resources, including actions plans specific to School of Law buildings.

Prepare yourself by bookmarking these key resources:

  • UGA's Emergency news and information site at
  • UGA Alert Emergency notification system at allows you to receive emergency messages on multiple devices in the event of crisis or disaster.
  • UGA's Office of Emergency Preparedness "What to do" webpage at has a list of best practices for various situations including active shooters, bomb threats, chemical spills, fire, medical emergency, disability procedures, utility failure, and severe weather.


More Favorites from Fiction

We're back with more library staff sharing their favorite fictional lawyers from television, films and literature. Follow the library's blog for past and future installments of this series:

Dan Fielding from Night Court check out ALL seasons from our DVD collection
By Leslie Grove, Web Developer
" So awful, and so funny!”
William Garrow from Garrow’s Law — check out from our DVD collection
By Dan Riggs, Serials Associate
"Garrow’s Law is an English legal period drama, presented with meticulous realism and based on accounts of actual cases from the Old Bailey. The leading character is also loosely based on an actual barrister. It draws you into the vertiginous legal scene of late 18th century London, where paid government informants will say whatever they're asked to say. It's quite gritty and filled with suspense. Garrow pioneered new techniques in conducting his cases at trial, particularly in the art of cross-examination. The subplots, involving political cronyism, cuckolds, and a duel are great. It only lasted 3 seasons, but I found it not to be missed."
Beth Travis and Laura Wells from Certain Women — check out from the main UGA Library DVD collection
By Rachel Evans, Web Coordinator
"Two of the three women in this film are lawyers. They are extremely relatable, and it is easy to sympathize with the small glimpses we get of their lives in rural Montana. They draw subtle but vital attention to issues all of us face with class and gender roles in today's society. In their own way, each overcomes it...even if only a little. In addition to being a beautiful film, I also love that these stories are based on author Maile Meloy's short stories from Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It and Half in Love."



10 Year Anniversary of Law Dawgs!

By Rachel Evans

Ten years ago, the September 8, 2008 issue of this Law Library newsletter was published. In that issue the editor at the time, International Law Librarian Anne Burnett, shared the first installment of Law Dawgs. This initial piece featured 11 photos of librarians and library staff pets including 14 dogs and 3 cats - wow! It is no surprise that Athens is an animal-friendly place to live, and UGA is clearly a pet-friendly place to study and work. Over the years, features in our newsletter have come and gone, but Law Dawgs has remained a constant favorite and is by far our most popular piece in each and every issue. To date more than 200 Law Dawgs and honorary Law Dawgs (including birds, cats, horses, lizards, pigs, and chickens) have graced the newsletter. Take a look back at our past issues in Digital Commons to view the all of the past entries and keep an eye on our kiosk for photos:


Law Dawg of the Month: Khloe

By Anne Burnett

September’s Law Dawg is Khloe, the adopted child of 2L David Ian and his wife Hannah Ian. Her parents don't know what breed she is, but she is likely part duck tolling retriever and part collie. Besides watching UGA football and playing with her toys, she enjoys Bluebooking and reading whichever law school textbook makes the best headrest for her afternoon naps. Also, she is a sucker for belly rubs.
All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, reptilian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) w/ a brief description to