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August 2009
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Maureen Explains It All
Come to our special session for 1Ls: Library 101, presented by Student Services Librarian Maureen Cahill.

This award-winning photo of Maureen teaching a class last semester was taken by retired UGA Law Professor Bob Brussack.

Welcome Back
Ann Puckett, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law

The staff of the Alexander Campbell King Law Library welcomes all new and returning law students. We hope you will find using the library productive and comfortable. You only  need to memorize one cardinal rule: if you can't find what you want, JUST ASK! We've tried to make asking convenient by putting a beautiful Reference Desk near the entrance to the library where you can't miss it. It is staffed from 9-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday; from 9-7 Tuesday and Thursday; and from 2-6 Sunday. For full information, see You can conact the reference librarian on duty if you cannot come to the library in person: (706) 542-6591 or All the professionals on the staff have degrees in law, library science, or both. We all know secrets about this library and about legal research that took years to learn -- and we don't charge a penny extra for teaching you our secrets.
For the last several years, we have focused major efforts on upgrading our physical plant  by renovating much of the library to bring it more in line with the needs of 21st century law students, but we are truly a library without walls. Students can access most of the library's accumulated knowledge without even coming to the library. We take great pride, however, in the fact that law students in large numbers choose to study and work in the library. Please let us know how we can continue to improve your library experiences.
We wish you a happy and successful year. And remember the Law Library motto: JUST ASK! 

Professor Ann Puckett Receives Gallagher Award

The American Association of Law Libraries presented the Gallagher Distinguished Service Award to our own Ann Puckett, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law, at its recent Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

The Gallagher Award is given in recognition of outstanding, extended and sustained service to law librarianship and to AALL.

Professor Puckett Receives Gallagher Award
Professor Ann Puckett receiving Gallagher Award
from AALL President James Duggan
Washington, D.C., July, 2009
A nationally recognized leader in law library management, Professor Puckett joined the Georgia Law faculty in 1994, where she teaches a course on Law and Disability in addition to overseeing the Law Library and Computing Services.

Important Changes to  UGA's Bulldog Bucks System

Returning students will quickly find an unpleasant change in policy regarding the use of Bulldog Bucks to pay for photocopies and printouts. The machine in the Copy Room can no longer be used to add value to their accounts. This must now be done through a two-step process of logging onto the Bulldog Bucks website ( to make a deposit request, and then either visiting the Student Accounts website ( or the Student Accounts/Bursars Office downtown in order to pay for the deposit just as you would for your tuition, meal plan, or parking fee. The minimum deposit for Bulldog Bucks is $5. 

If there are advantages to this new system, expediency is not one of them. Student needing to make copies quickly can still buy a visitor's copy card (a "VTS" card) from the machine in the copy room. The cost of the card is $.60 out of the first dollar, and can be used only for photocopying and laundry facilities on campus. Value can be added only to a VTS card using the dispenser. Unlike a Bulldog Bucks account, however, you cannot be reimbursed for any value on a lost or unused card.

If there is a problem with Bulldog Bucks, please contact their office between the hours of 8-5, Monday-Friday at 706-542-8257. If you are unhappy with the new arrangement, please note that Bulldog Bucks is logging only those complaints submitted through their website at

Special Session for 1Ls: Law Library 101

Start your law school career with the inside scoop on how to make the library facility, collection, and staff help you succeed. The library is a great place to study: What are the choice seats? Are there hiding spots for serious concentration? How about good group study locations? 

Everyone will need resources beyond casebooks. Just what does the library own that can help explain the mass of confusing material you're plowing through every day?

Your professors always want something from you -- maybe just rapt attention, close reading, and snap performance.  At the library, everyone just wants to know what you need. Who are these nice people and what can they do for you?

Join Student Services Librarian Maureen Cahill on either Thursday (8/20) or Friday (8/21) at 4:30 in classroom A for a whirlwind half hour during which the secrets of the library are revealed.

A Small Change in the Reading Room of the Law Library

With the budget cuts and the terrible economy this year, the entire university is encouraging us all to save money everywhere we can. One way the Law Library is going to conserve energy that you will notice if you come in early is that the lights will be off on all the tables in the main Reading Room and in the Annex. You may certainly turn them on at the table when you sit down to study. And just leave them on; you don't need to turn anything off yourself. 

To turn on a lamp:  Each lamp is supported by two poles. The switch will be between the poles, but it can be next to either pole, that is on the inside of either the one on the right or the left as you're facing it. You should be able to reach under there and feel where the switch is, but if you don't find it, just peek under there, and you should see it immediately. If all else fails, come up to the Circulation Desk, and someone there will help you.

Budget Cuts Threaten Earplug Availability

Like all units on campus, the Law Library must cut its operating budget for this school year. During cost cutting meetings this summer, we came really close to deciding to ax the earplug basket after learning just how many cases of earplugs we ran through last year. Instead, we have opted to experiment with placing the basket farther from the door.

Why?  We have all observed a number of folks who grab a handful of earplugs on their way out of the library. And, though we probably can justify paying to provide earplugs for study at the library, we cannot make the same case for providing earplugs for concert going or even for study at a coffee shop off campus.

Please help us save the earplug basket. Take a pair only when you need them for studying in the library. Don't discard a pair if you've only used them for a short period.  Reuse them. If we can reduce the volume that we buy, we'll certainly maintain this valued service.

Law Dawg of the Month

Back by popular demand! The Law Library continues to seek your submissions for Law Dawg of the Month (and remember, we define "dawg" loosely - see last year's submissions).

If you would like for your furry (or feathered or scaled) companion to be entered in our random drawing each month, send a digital photo to
Law Dawg
Scout is our Law Dawg  for August.
She lives with 2L Courtney Davis.

Crossword Puzzle: Athens Eateries
created by James Donovan

Athens Eateries

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