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November 2012
In This Issue CALI 
Exam Prep with CALI
Jason Tubinis, Information Technology Librarian

Exams are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to hit the books. One option to help supplement your study time is material from CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Education). CALI offers a plethora of resources, from targeted lessons in topics ranging from Con Law to Securities, podcasts, eBooks, and even specialized lessons that supplement certain casebooks. The authorization code for creating an account is available at the reference desk (and also available by emailing me at, as well as CDs for offline use of CALI.
GAVEL & Beyond
Suzanne Graham, Cataloging Services Librarian

The Law Library launched a new search interface, tentatively called GAVEL & Beyond, during the fall semester. GAVEL & Beyond’s single search box retrieves a vast array of materials from GAVEL (our local online catalog), the electronic databases in GALILEO, online journal collections, websites, and eBooks.

GAVEL & Beyond

GAVEL is still the best place to start for a treatise, code or reporter, but GAVEL & Beyond can help when you engage in new research and don’t know where to start looking.

These search results can be quickly refined by selecting relevant facets. A search for “criminal law” pulls 801,056 hits, but clicking on “Georgia” under the geography facet and “Harvard Law Review” under the publication facet distills the results list down to two articles (both available as PDF downloads).

Faceted search results

Give it a try with your own search, and let us know what you think.

GAVEL & Beyond is provided by the Law Library in partnership with the UGA Libraries and EBSCO.

Recommended Reads for the Break

Looking for a bit of non-casebook/non-law review reading over the break? Here are some titles recommended by members of our law faculty:

Professor Andrea Dennis
The Cutting Season by Attica Locke

Professor Jaime Dodge

Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines by Richard A. Muller

Professor Ron Ellington
I am an inveterate mystery reader and have enjoyed a trove of foreign detective fiction.  I  recommend The Devil's Star by Jo Nesbo (set in Norway) and Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin (set in Scotland). Both are international best selling authors and crime writing award winners. 

Professor Tim Meyer
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1) by George R.R. Martin

Professor Joe Miller
Becoming Justice Blackmun: Harry Blackmun's Supreme Court Journey

Professor Logan Sawyer
It is impossible to be anxious or unhappy while reading the adventures of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman, Jeeves.  Right Ho, Jeeves! is a one of a host of possible recommendations.  P.G. Wodehouse is the author. 

Law Library Hours: Thanksgiving, Exams and Semester Break

Thanksgiving Holiday and Weekend

Wed Nov 21 – 7am-5pm
Thanksgiving, Nov 22 – closed
Fri Nov 23 – 10am-10pm
Sat Nov 24 – 10am-10pm
Sun Nov 25 – 8am-2am

Exam Period Extended Hours Nov 26-Dec 12
Mon - Fri 7am-2am
Sat-Sun 8am-2am

Interim Period (Dec 13-Dec 24)
Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
Sun closed
Mon 12/24 8am - noon

Semester Break Dec 25-Jan 1

The full hours are posted at

Law Dawg of the Month
The November Law Dawg is Juno, a three-legged Miniature Aussie-X rescued by IT Librarian Jason Tubinis and family about 3 years ago from a shelter in Kentucky. She loves swimming and being soaked in water in general (and swims quite well given that she's down one paw). As far as Jason knows, she's the only dog that will dive face first into water and go around underwater looking at things.

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg of the Month in upcoming issues of Amicus Briefs. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received by the issue's deadline. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to

Law Dawg Juno Tubinis

Law Dawg Juno at Memorial Park
See the Law Dawgs on our Library with a View blog, where you'll
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