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September 2013
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Uga VII at 2009 Law School Homecoming BBQ 
Uga Is A Law Dawg! Here is Uga VII presiding
 over the 2009 Law School Homecoming BBQ.

Uga Is A Law Dawg
Suzanne Graham, Cataloging Services Librarian

“No matter what we do in our lives … [we] will never be as famous as that dog.” It’s a classic line from the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil that refers to our own Uga. The line is uttered by Kevin Spacey’s character as a he walks Uga V around Forsyth Park in Savannah.

UGA Law School alumnus Frank “Sonny” Seiler received a white English bulldog pup as a gift in April 1956 when Seiler was a second year law student.  Prior to Uga, other bulldogs had served at mascot, but the team was looking for a new one at the start of the 1956 season. When Uga attended the season opener in a red t-shirt with a black G on the front, he quickly won the job. Since Uga I’s retirement on October 22, 1966, eight of his off-spring, all owned and care for by the Seiler family, have served as the football team’s mascot.
Before filming began on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, director Clint Eastwood petted Uga V and said, “I’m going to make you a celebrity” to which Cecelia Seiler replied, “Uga is already a celebrity.” 

Uga regularly attends the Law School's Homecoming BBQ. Photos of this annual event are included in the Law School's photo gallery.

Here at UGA, it’s not just members of the Law School community who are extraordinary but their pets, too. Remember to give your pet a little limelight by submitting him or her to be a Law Dawg.

Note: both the movie and book versions of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil are available in the Law Library.

Text Us Your Reference Qs
Got a quick question? Text us!

The Law Library's reference service is now available via text during normal reference hours. Add our text number (706-744-4794) to your contacts and send us your 140-character maximum messages.

Like chat reference, this service is designed to assist users with brief questions, such as identifying the appropriate resources to answer a question or how to locate a specific resource. More complex questions usually require an alternative method of communication, such as an in-person reference interview.

ALM Legal Intelligence

The Law Library has purchased access to a new database to help with your job search: ALM Legal Intelligence. It includes in-depth reports on over 300 law firms, with news about the firms, compensation data, mid-level associate satisfaction rankings, and details of the firms’ corporate representation and capital markets work.

In addition, there are more than 50 surveys and ranking lists with information about firm hiring practices, demographics, and revenues.

Finally, our subscription includes a directory of corporate legal departments for over 1000 firms. The law firm reports are searchable, so your research can focus on firms in certain locations or on offices that represent clients in a specific industry.

If you are off-campus, just use your UGA MyID to access ALM Legal Intelligence.

Join Us for Lunch: Upcoming Programs

Lead Me to a Job: Databases for the Job Search
Monday, October 7

Classroom B
Special Collections Librarian Sharon Bradley will  present suggestions and tricks for using library databases in your job search. Databases include The Leadership Library, ALM Legal Intelligence, and perhaps a few other surprises.

Discover Legal Apps
Wednesday, October 30
Classroom B
Learn about popular legal and productivity apps for your mobile device with Acquisitions Librarian Wendy Moore.

The Law Library will provide lunch at both sessions, but bring your own beverage!

Fewer and Fewer Bottles

They’re moving in slowly:

•    First on the second floor of the Law Library Annex,
•    then in the hallway near the student lockers,
•    then on the third floor near Classroom J,
•    and most recently on the Law Library’s Main Floor.

We’re talking about the water bottle refilling fountains. The first three feature sensor-activated dispensing and between them have resulted in almost 25,000 fewer plastic bottles in the landfill.

Because of space constraints the most recent fountain had to be modified. Accessibility rules require that aisles be of a minimum width. The sensor-activated fountain projected from the wall just a little too much. But we think the fountain with a manually operated spigot is still a vast improvement. Keep up the good work keeping those bottles out of the trash.

Law Dawg of the Month:
This month's Law Dawg is Joey who lives with  Professor Diane Amann and family. Joey is an 8-year-old cocker spaniel, in temperament very much like Lady in Disney’s Lady & the Tramp. Her family rescued her when she was 5 months old from  a house where the older dog, a boxer, had made it fiercely clear that she was an unwelcome trespasser on his turf. Joey has been part of Professor Amann's family ever since, in Los Angeles, in Berkeley, and now in Athens, where she accents her daily routine of snoozing in the sun with the occasional chase of a squirrel.

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg of the Month in upcoming issues of Amicus Briefs. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received by the issue's deadline. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to

Law Dawg Joey

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