Anil Foreman (J.D. 2011)

Legal Officer at the Department of Community Health

Atlanta, GA

Ms. Foreman is currently a Legal Officer at the Department of Community Health.  Ms. Foreman has worked in the Discovery Center at King & Spalding LLP, as a clerk for a small criminal defense and plaintiff’s law firm in Alabama, and a research assistant to a law professor.  Before attending law school, Ms. Foreman worked in education, tutoring students at Barnard College in writing and calculus. After that, she worked in both Publicity and Finance at Universal Music Group.
When Ms. Foreman graduated from University of Georgia Law, she had not yet found an area about which she was deeply passionate.  She fell into tort and environmental litigation preparation through her position with the Discovery Center at King & Spalding.  The flexibility of that position allowed her to acquaint herself with different issues in tort litigation and deal with legal subject matter from business operations to environmental policy.  From there, Ms. Foreman moved into her present position as a Legal Officer at the Department of Community Health.  She now works as a Legal Officer for the State Board of Dentistry and the State Board of Pharmacy.
One thing that Ms. Foreman wishes that she’d known as a recent graduate is that there are career opportunities in areas other than traditional firm work.  There are wide varieties of opportunities for young lawyers besides working for a large firm, including working for a government agency or in-house.  She advises students and recent graduates not to limit the job search based on preconceived ideas of what lawyers do or what an “ideal” career looks like.  Your ideas might be inaccurate.  Ms. Foreman also advises recent graduates to take advantage of outside opportunities offered wherever you work.  Soon after beginning at King & Spalding, she realized how deeply involved the attorneys and other legal professionals were in volunteering in community organizations.  This prompted her to become more personally involved in charitable causes that interest her, including starting and conducting a Street Law Program at the John H. Harland Boys & Girls Club.  She teaches introductory topics in law, ethics, and current events to teenage members of the Club.
Concerning networking, Ms. Foreman wants students to be aware that networking opportunities can arise in any place at any time. She has met attorneys, other legal professionals, and employees of clients in unexpected places such as yoga class, while volunteering, watching the Gwinnett Gladiators play, at the dog park, and once, in a long early voting line. Be aware of how you carry yourself in the world because the person next to you could be a potential mentor, colleague, or client.  Always be on your best behavior because how you behave in public affects your livelihood, even when you are far from the office and off the clock.  Remember to always have business cards on hand.


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