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Davenport   Benham   blount
Chester C. Davenport is the University of Georgia School of Law's first African-American graduate. Born in Athens, Georgia, Mr. Davenport was a cum laude graduate of Morehouse College, taking a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1963. For the next three years he was a student here at the law school before earning his J.D. degree in 1966.   Robert Benham is the second African-American graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law and the first African-American to serve on Georgia's Supreme Court.  

May 17, 1950 - May 2, 2004

Professor Blount personifies what it means to be "committed". He was a soldier of the Lord on a mission to help all he could. There are those who are in movements for what they can get out of it. However, Larry Blount was not only in the Civil Rights Movement working through the law and legal education as a Professor...he was simply put: on a mission. The African American anthem often quoted by Dr. King summaries this mission to me: "If I can help somebody as I pass along...If I can cheer someone with a word or song...If I can show some traveler as he passing along...then my living will not be in vain!" Larry Blount lives my life and many others he touched by simply doing what we are all called to do...fear God and love mankind.

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