Call For Papers: Searches & Seizures After Utah v. Strieff — Baton Rouge, LA



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Baton Rouge, Louisiana


The Southern University Law Review

The Southern University Law Review invites submissions for its 2017 symposium, Fourth Amendment Searches and Seizures after Utah v. Strieff, to be held Feb. 3, 2017. Those interested in participating in the symposium should submit an abstract of no more than 500 words, accompanied by a CV, to The board anticipates notifying the selected speakers at the end of September.

This year the law review is very interested in helping the legal community and the general public understand how new developments in the law affect citizen interactions with the police and criminal justice system. Our symposium will focus on developing issues in criminal procedure arising from the recent United States Supreme Court decision of Utah v. Strieff. As the Supreme Court expanded the power of the police to conduct searches, we hope that this gathering of criminal justice scholars and advocates will lead to a better understanding of how the decision will impact the law going forward. The Law Review invites a broad discussion of topics related to the case.


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