Call for Papers: Conference on the Legitimacy of Unseen Actors in International Adjudication



Event Date: 

10/26/17 to 10/27/17

Location name: 

The Hague


PluriCourts Centre of Excellence (Oslo University) and the Europa Instituut (Leiden University)

‘Unseen actors’ are central to the ‘institutional makeup’ of international courts and tribunals as registries and secretariats, law clerks and legal officers may exert varying levels of influence on the judicial process.

At this conference, legal and political science scholars and members of adjudicatory institutions will consider and discuss the legitimacy of assigning ‘unseen actors’ certain roles in the judicial process as well as the implications thereof for the legitimacy of the dispute settlement mechanism as such.

SUBMISSION OF PAPER PROPOSALS The Organising Committee (chaired by Prof. dr. Freya Baetens) welcomes abstracts from academics as well as practitioners, including staff of adjudicatory institutions and international organisations. Papers should present innovative ideas, be unpublished at the moment of presentation, and be at an advanced stage of completion. The submission deadline is 31 May 2017.

Proposals should be submitted via email to and consist of: 1. A cover letter, indicating whether the author (if selected) will be applying for financial support (this will not affect the selection process); 2. An anonymized abstract (in Word or Pdf-format, not exceeding 400 words); 3. A one-page CV, including the author’s contact details and her/his most important/relevant publications. Multiple abstracts per author will be considered, but each author will be invited to present one paper at most.