Abstract Deadline: 09/30/17 | Event Date: 10/11/18 to 10/14/18 | Location: Gaborone, Botswana

The African Network of Constitutional Lawyers (ANCL), in collaboration with the Department of law at the University of Botswana and partners, is organising the next ANCL Biennial Conference in Gaborone – Botswana in 2018 on the theme “Courts, Power and Constitutional Law in Africa”.

Abstract Deadline: 09/29/17 | Event Date: 03/16/18 to 03/17/18 | Location: East Lansing, MI

Ever since Europeans first settled the continent over four hundred years ago, racial injustice has existed in North America. Human bondage was formally recognized in the United States for nearly a century following the Nation's birth in 1776.  While the Thirteenth Amendment officially abolished slavery in 1865 and the Fourteenth Amendment mandated equal protection in 1868, nearly another century passed before "separate but equal" was repudiated and some progress was made.  Today we still see persistent racial inequities throughout American society.

Abstract Deadline: 09/17/17 | Event Date: 06/7/18 to 06/10/18 | Location: Toronto

We invite you to participate in the panels sponsored by the Feminist Legal Theory
Collaborative Research Network at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in Toronto in June
2018. The Feminist Legal Theory CRN brings together law and society scholars across a range
of fields who share an interest in feminist legal theory. Information about the Law and Society
meeting is available at http://www.lawandsociety.org.

Abstract Deadline: 09/21/17 | Event Date: 11/27/17 to 11/28/17 | Location: Padua, Italy

Within the Conference's challenging conceptual and empirical framework, the University of Padova Human Rights Centre has launched, in cooperation with other 5 human rights research institutes a call for papers open to human rights scholars, researchers as well as Ph.D candidates.

Preference will be given to sound proposals which contribute addressing, from different disciplinary perspectives, one of the following topics.

Abstract Deadline: 10/18/17 | Event Date: 09/1/17 | Location: San Diego, California

To further its mission of promoting the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses-- individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law—the American Constitution Society for Law & Policy (ACS) is pleased to announce a call for papers for a workshop on public law to be held the afternoon of January 4, 2018 at the 2018 AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Abstract Deadline: 02/5/18 | Event Date: 05/17/18 to 05/18/18 | Location: Copenhagen

Call for papers

Abstract Deadline: 12/1/17 | Event Date: 06/14/18 to 06/16/18 | Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Papers

Contingency in the Course of International Law:
How International Law Could Have Been

14-16 June 2018

Keynote: Fleur Johns (UNSW)
Closing Address: Samuel Moyn (Yale)

Abstract Deadline: 09/15/17 | Event Date: 12/18/17 to 12/19/17 | Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) invites submissions for a conference on Competition, Standardization, and Innovation to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 18-19, 2017.


Abstract Deadline: 09/1/17 | Event Date: 05/31/18 to 06/1/18 | Location: Melbourne, Australia

Call for Papers: Deadline 1 September 2017