Abstract Deadline: 09/23/17 | Event Date: 12/12/17 | Location: The Hague

According to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2016, “a complex and rapidly changing set of dynamics in global terrorism” can be identified these days, with a considerable number of countries improving their GTI scores, but with many moderately affected countries also experiencing record levels of terrorism.

Abstract Deadline: 09/25/17 | Event Date: 01/26/18 | Location: Los Angeles

Fake News and “Weaponized Defamation”: Global Perspectives

January 26, 2018

Southwestern Law School
3050 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010

The Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law in association with the Southwestern Law Review and Southwestern International Law Journal, invites the submission of papers that fit within our 2018 theme:

Fake News and “Weaponized Defamation”: Global Perspectives.

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Abstract Deadline: 10/2/17 | Event Date: 05/3/18 to 05/4/18 | Location: Atlanta, GA

Call for Abstracts: 2018 bioip Faculty Workshop

Workshop Date:  May 3–4, 2018
Application Deadline:  October 2, 2017
Georgia State University College of Law
Atlanta, GA

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Abstract Deadline: 08/4/17 | Event Date: 07/19/17 | Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers
2017 Junior Scholars #FutureLaw Workshop 2.0 at Duquesne

The conference is organized by Seth Oranburg, Assistant Professor, Duquesne University School of Law. Funding is provided in part by the Federalist Society. All papers are selected based on scholarly merit, with an emphasis on scholarly impact, topical relevance, and viewpoint diversity.

September 7-8, 2017

By invitation only

Abstract Deadline: 08/15/17 | Event Date: 11/3/17 | Location: Manchester, UK

In the second half of the 20th century, discourses about the requirement for States to comply with standards of democratic governance have acquired prominence in international thought and practice. Such discourses came to be nurtured by a dramatic wave of writings in the 1990s and 2000s. It is commonly said that such a turn in international legal scholarship was triggered by, inter alia, the 1992 seminal article The Emerging Right to Democratic Governance of Thomas Franck in the American Journal of International Law.

Abstract Deadline: 09/15/17 | Event Date: 12/8/17 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

The International Law in Domestic Courts Interest Group of the American Society of International Law has issued a call for papers for its annual works-in-progress workshop, to take place December 8, 2017, at UCLA School of Law.

Abstract Deadline: 09/18/17 | Event Date: 12/7/17 to 12/9/17 | Location: Kobe, Japan

The Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC) is proud to announce its third international symposium to be held on 7–9 December 2017. The PCRC’s distinct research approach to the Arctic is aimed at establishing and strengthening the international legal and institutional framework so as to bring stability and foreseeability in the future of the Arctic. Increasingly, the challenges faced in the Arctic can no longer be addressed or tackled only within the Arctic both geographically and functionally.

Abstract Deadline: 09/30/17 | Event Date: 05/11/18 to 05/12/18 | Location: Chicago, IL

Symposium on
Personalized Law
University of Chicago Law Review and Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics
May 11–12, 2018

Abstract Deadline: 07/31/17 | Event Date: 04/6/18 | Location: Boise, Idaho


Terry v. Ohio at 50:  Considering the Past, Present and Future of Stop-and-Frisk

Abstract Deadline: 07/31/17 | Event Date: 11/16/17 to 11/17/17 | Location: Singapore

Call for Papers

International Investment Treaties and National Governance

Asia Focus

The Centre for International Law at the National University of Singapore is pleased to announce a call for papers for a workshop, entitled “International Investment Treaties and National Governance”, which shall take place on 16 -17 November 2017 in Singapore.

Workshop Context