Post date: 01/31/18 | Abstract Deadline: 02/15/18 | Event Date: 06/18/18 to 06/20/18

Location: Spokane, Washington

The Institute for Law Teaching and Learning invites proposals for conference workshops addressing the many ways that law teachers are utilizing technology in their classrooms across the curriculum. With the rising demands for teachers who are educated on active learning techniques and with technology changing so rapidly, this topic has taken on increased urgency in recent years.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 03/1/18 | Event Date: 09/13/18 to 09/14/18

Location: University of Akron School of Law

The Center for Constitutional Law seeks proposals from those interested in presenting papers at the upcoming conference. Committed presenters to date include: Shubha Ghosh (Syracuse), Craig Green (Temple), Rachel Janutis (Capital), Megan LaBelle (Catholic), Laura Little (Temple), Joe Miller (Georgia), Michael Morley (FSU), Alex Reinert (Cardozo), Kermit Roosevelt (Penn), Jeff Renesberger (South Texas), and Sharon Sandeen (Mitchell-Hamline). Additional presenters will be selected by this call for papers.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 04/27/18 | Event Date: 10/11/18 to 10/12/18

Location: Firenze

Since it began in 1997, the Law via the Internet conference (LVI) has been established as the foremost international conference addressing research in legal information access through the Internet. It is organized annually under the auspices of the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM), a consortium of more than 60 non-profit institutions dedicated to providing free and open access to the world’s law.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 03/1/18 | Event Date: 06/13/18 to 06/14/18

Location: Harvard Law School

Yale, Stanford, and Harvard Law Schools are soliciting submissions for the 19th session of the Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum, to be held at Harvard Law School on June 13-14, 2018. Twelve to twenty junior scholars (with one to seven years in teaching) will be chosen, through a blind selection process, to present their work at the Forum. One or more senior scholars will comment on each paper. The audience will include the participating junior faculty, faculty from the host institutions, and invited guests.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 02/23/18 | Event Date: 07/4/18 to 07/6/18

Location: WZB Berlin Social Science Center

The editorial team of Global Constitutionalism, in conjunction with PluriCourts, will be organizing a workshop from July 4th to 6th at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. As part of this workshop we will be running special sessions for scholars interested in publishing in the field of global constitutionalism. Each selected scholar will be invited to present a paper to the workshop. They will also receive extensive feedback on their papers from senior scholars.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 01/30/18 | Event Date: 05/17/18 to 05/18/18

Location: The Hague

The Organising Committee (chaired by Prof. dr. Freya Baetens) welcomes abstracts from scholars as well as practitioners, including staff of adjudicatory institutions and international organisations. Papers should be innovative, unpublished at the moment of presentation, and at an advanced stage of completion.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 02/15/18 | Event Date: 09/21/18

Location: Strasbourg

Challenges confront the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and its procedures, policies and judgments. Criticisms concern the Court’s backlog, its methods of interpretation, its deference to domestic actors – or its lack thereof. Reactions from states include willful partial compliance with judgments or even principled resistance. These challenges have appeared in many different shapes: not just as criticism from State Parties’ governments, but also from domestic courts, academics, civil society organizations and the media.

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 01/30/18 | Event Date: 01/30/18

Location: University of Liverpool

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide. Almost three quarters of all NCD deaths, and 82% of the 16 million people who

die prematurely, occur in low- and middle-income countries. NCDs have devastating consequences for individuals, families and communities; they threaten to overwhelm health systems; and

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 03/19/18 | Event Date: 08/30/18 to 08/31/18

Location: University of Oslo

This conference will comprehensively and critically evaluate the rights of defendants and victims before ICTs. It will bring together a mix of practitioners from the field of international criminal justice and scholars to exchange perspectives and to debate and discuss the issues.

Time and place: Aug. 30, 2018 9:00 AM - Aug. 31, 2018 1:00 PM,

Post date: 01/30/18 | Abstract Deadline: 03/31/18 | Event Date: 09/27/18 to 09/28/18

Location: Zaragoza, Spain

The Faculty of Law of the University of Zaragoza is hosting, in the context of the Investment Law
Initiative, a Colloquium on ‘International Investment Law & Competition Law’, which will
take place on 27 & 28 September 2018, in Zaragoza, Spain. Details on the submission procedure
and key dates can be found at the end of this call.