Abstract Deadline: 04/12/15 | Event Date: 09/3/15 to 09/4/15 | Location: Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Research into social dilemmas is a cornerstone in the social sciences. The defining characteristic of such dilemmas is that mutual cooperation among the actors involved is efficient but that, unless adequate institutions are in place or actors have social preferences, deviating from cooperation is rational from the individual viewpoint. As a consequence of this incentive to free ride, transactions are not undertaken and economies grow by less than their full potential.

Abstract Deadline: 04/25/15 | Event Date: 02/19/16 to 02/20/16 | Location: Seattle University School of Law

We invite proposals for presentations at a Spring 2016 conference, “Poverty Law: AcademicActivism” to be held on Feb. 19-20, 2016, hosted by Seattle University School of Law. Theconference will focus on the connection between academics and activism, broadly understood. Just as “poverty law” is a broad category that includes everything from welfare and education programs to immigration and tax policy, so too, “academic activism” includes a wide range of activities.

Abstract Deadline: 03/20/15 | Event Date: 11/5/15 to 11/7/15 | Location: Ottawa, Canada

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Abstract Deadline: 03/1/15 | Event Date: 09/18/15 to 09/19/15 | Location: Laramie, Wyoming

The Center for the Study of Written Advocacy of the University of Wyoming College of Law and the Department of Psychology of the University of Wyoming invite proposals for presentations at the first Psychology of Persuasion Conference, to be held September 18-19, 2015 at the University of Wyoming College of Law in Laramie, Wyoming.

Abstract Deadline: 03/31/15 | Event Date: 09/25/15 to 09/27/15 | Location: George Mason University School of Law, Arlington, VA

43rd Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy Capitol Hill event:and Graduate Student Consortium September 24, 2015

TPRC43 Conference: September 25-27, 2015, George Mason University School of Law, Arlington, VA

Abstract Deadline: 04/10/15 | Event Date: 01/6/16 to 01/10/16 | Location: New York City

The AALS Sections on Comparative Law, and on Defamation and Privacy will be sponsoring a joint program at the January 2016 Annual Meeting. The program will consider comparative perspectives on privacy law, particularly in light of recent developments in the European Union. The panel will comprise a combination of invited speakers, and speakers submitting proposals in response to this call for papers.

Abstract Deadline: 05/1/15 | Event Date: 08/6/15 to 08/7/15 | Location: Chicago, Illinois

The Center for Intellectual Property Law & Information Technology (CIPLIT®) at DePaul University College of Law will host the 15th Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference on August 6 and 7, 2015, at 25 E. Jackson Boulevard, in Chicago, Illinois.


Abstract Deadline: 03/10/15 | Event Date: 06/26/15 | Location: Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC

The Journal of Financial Regulation is seeking submissions for their annual conference, Extra-Territoriality and Financial Regulation to be held on June 26th at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. The conference will explore how extraterritoriality can generate a range of legal and economic tradeoffs and papers should examine this topic from an interdisciplinary, international and/or comparative perspective.

Abstract Deadline: 03/15/15 | Event Date: 05/28/15 to 05/30/15 | Location: Université de Strasbourg

The Société française pour le droit international has issued a call for papers for its 2015 annual conference, to be held May 28-30 at the Université de Strasbourg. The theme is "Le précédent en droit international." Here's the call:


Abstract Deadline: 04/1/15 | Event Date: 10/9/15 to 10/10/15 | Location: University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs

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