International Jurist Organization 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Meeting -- Call for Papers 

International Jurist Organization 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Meeting
18th-19th August, 2012
India International Centre, New Delhi

Theme: "Law and Power: Reflections on the Last 25 years" and Workshop on "Justice in Emerging Countries: BRICS in comparative perspective"

Law and power intersect at national and international levels, in a wide variety of forms. The IJO 2012 Annual Meeting will investigate some of the different ways in which these two forces have met each other at the national level in India, and at the global level through international organizations and international relations. The 2012 Meeting thus will examine subjects including the administration of justice and the role(s) of the judiciary, Bar and legal education at national level; and at the global level, the developing roles of the ICJ, as well as permanent (ICC) and ad hoc (ICTY, ITCR, ECCC, Sierra Leone) criminal tribunals and other institutions either within or around the United Nations system. In all cases, the central concern of analysis is the extent to which rule of law successfully has taken precedence over the exercise of power and pragmatic self-interest.The IJO Secretariat will be pleased to receive proposal for papers on topics that fall within the themes of the Meeting and Worksbop, though IJO members also may propose special workshop panels.

Note: Persons giving papers in the workshops should be IJO members at the time of the Annual Meeting; and that due to space considerations, when evaluating all proposals, priority will be given to submissions from IJO members. Finding suitable papers the organization may include selected papers in a publication of book to be released on 25″‘ Anniversary Silver Jubilee event of IJO, 2012 at New Delhi.

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