The Human Face of the European Union: Humane enough? 

University of Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom
20 July 2012

The EU is recurrently criticised for not having been able to distance itself sufficiently from its roots in economic integration. Both academic and popular discourses promote the idea that the EU consistently favours market values over social concerns and human rights. The current economic and monetary crisis and the way EU institutions and leaders have dealt with it, have strengthened this common perception. To what extent these discourses hold some truth in them is, however, contentious. Is the EU truly an organisation that lacks humaneness, in the sense of compassion and sympathy for those affected? In this workshop, this question will be explored by analysing how well the balance between economic/corporate and social/human interests has been struck in different EU policy fields.

We invite papers that examine this balance in the development and state-of-affairs of the key EU policy fields that affect people's lives and are object of criticism, including:

Economic regulation
Labour and employment law
Free movement, citizenship, and third-country nationals
Social benefits and social security
Discrimination law and minorities
European private law
Criminal justice
Asylum and refugees
Security and defence
Neighbourhood and external policies

Focus should be on exploring the degree of humaneness that EU law reflects and promotes in these fields. Special attention should also be placed on the post-Treaty of Lisbon state-of-affairs, in order to grasp the impact (if any) that the new institutional, law-making and competence arrangements, as well as more recent instruments and initiatives, have had. We welcome in particular papers that deal with the subject matter from a cross-disciplinary and policy-oriented perspective.

Confirmed speakers include Professors Dagmar Schiek, Steve Peers, and Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi. It is planned that a selection of contributions will be published, in the form of journal special issue or edited book.

Paper abstracts of up to 250 words should be sent to Nuno Ferreira ( by Friday, 11 May 2012.

Event Type: Conference
Contact: Nuno Ferreira

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