Call for proposals on the theme of: "Security Challenges in an Evolving World" 

This conference will explore the numerous security challenges states face today both domestically and globally and how these challenges influence interstate conflict, civil war, and peaceful conflict management practices. Three distinct phenomena form the backdrop of this conference: climate change, the global financial crisis, and the revolutionary awakening across the Middle East region. Each of these developments carries the potential to destabilize societies and cause widespread human suffering. Poverty and poor economic growth are key characterizing features of war-torn societies today. Bleak economic prospects and monetary crises have led masses to the streets in numerous developed countries as well. Rapidly diminishing resource supplies and future projections of massive climate-induced human displacement might well make new regions vulnerable to social and political conflict. Moreover, the dynamics of the Arab Spring are still in limbo, raising questions about the future of democracy in the region, as well as potential clashes between the established democratic community and its newest members. Each of these phenomena constitutes a distinct challenge to affected societies and it is important to identify potential solutions for managing these crucial issues in world politics. More broadly, the conference seeks to engage dialogue on conflict and conflict management research to understand how states are responding to shifts in the global security environment.

Theme: Security Challenges in an Evolving World
June 27-29, 2013, at Corvinus University; Budapest, Hungary

Please submit all paper and panel proposals via your MyISA account. The Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2012

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