The 2012 IAITL Legal Conference Series 

• 7th International Conference on Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT Law (LSPI)

• 6th International Law and Trade Conference (ILTC)

• 3rd International Private Law Conference (IPL)

• 2nd International Public Law Conference (IPLC)

Date: October 2-4, 2012
Place: Athens, Greece

The 7th International Conference on Legal, Security, and Privacy Issues in IT Law (LSPI), 6th International Law and Trade Conference, 3rd International Private Law Conference and the 2nd International Public Law Conference will be held in Athens, Greece under the auspices of the International Association of IT Lawyers, an organization devoted to promoting research and development in the field of Law and with members throughout the world. This year the IAITL Conference is being held in cooperation with the Hellenic American University.

The IAITl - organised Conference series is the first international conference of its kind, gathering experts from academia, government and industry to discuss key legal issues related to Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT, Private and Public Law and the intersection between economics and law.

This is the only Conference where:

• All papers are blind reviewed by 2-3 experts and the result of the reviews are given within a week;
• All papers are edited to ensure quality before book publication;
• All papers are also published in top international journals after a second round of editing;
• Authors participate in panel sessions, aside from giving an individual presentation;
• Policy debates and workshops are conducted and the Conclusions are published in top journals;
• Social and entertainment events are organized every night;
• Buffet meals are provided;
• University Partnership Agreements and Exchanges are forged and;
• Cooperation and projects are organized and developed

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National Business Law Scholars Conference Call for Papers 

National Business Law Scholars Conference Call for Papers

National Business Law Scholars Conference
June 27-28, 2012
University of Cincinnati College of Law

The National Business Law Scholars Conference (NBLSC), formerly known as the Midwest Corporate Legal Scholars Conference, will be held on Wednesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 28th at University of Cincinnati College of Law in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the third annual meeting of the NBLSC, which has been renamed this year to reflect its national scope and the widely varied interests of its participants. We welcome all on-topic submissions and will attempt to provide the opportunity for everyone to actively participate. We will also attempt to assign a commentator for each paper presented. Junior scholars are especially encouraged participate, and we will hold a special “how-to” panel for prospective business law scholars discussing the job market and transitioning into the legal academy.

To submit a presentation, email Professor Eric C. Chaffee at with an abstract or paper by April 15, 2012. Please title the email “NBLSC Submission – {Name}”. If you would like to attend, but not present, email Professor Chaffee with an email entitled “NBLSC Attendance”. Please specify in your email whether you are willing to serve as a commentator or moderator. A conference schedule will be circulated in early June.

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Call for Papers -- 2012 Toward a Multipolar Administrative Law a Theoretical Perspective 

Toward a Multipolar Administrative Law a Theoretical Perspective

New York, September 9-10, 2012

The Seminar “Toward a Multipolar Administrative Law – A Theoretical Perspective” will be held in New York onSeptember 9-10, 2012.

In order to launch this initiative, some scholars have already confirmed their participation: they are professor Joseph H.H. Weiler (NYU School of Law) and Sabino Cassese (Judge of the Italian Constitutional Court), Luisa Torchia and Giulio Napolitano (University of “Roma Tre”), and Lorenzo Casini (University of Rome “Sapienza”).

Submissions from both junior and senior scholars are invited on the themes outlined above. An abstract of max 800 words should be sent (in .pdf or .doc format) to by March 31, 2012. Abstracts must include a statement of the issue area of the paper, as well as an indication of the major arguments to be made, a proposed title, and postal, email and telephone contacts for the author.

Because the overall aim of the Seminar is not only to assess the consistency of the analytic categories adopted to date, but also to develop more effective and forward-looking tools and theories of administrative law, papers challenging traditional schemes as well as adopting multi-disciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged.

A selection panel will consider all abstracts received by the submission deadline, and notify applicants of paper acceptance by April 30, 2012. The submission date for full papers accepted for presentation is July 31, 2012. The final version of the paper must be no longer than 15,000 words (footnotes included) and must be sent (in .pdf or .doc format) to

Each participant will receive USD 1,000 from the NYU Jean Monnet Center and IRPA, which can be used to finance travel and accommodation expenses, for which they are otherwise responsible.

Papers will be presented at the Seminar and they will be assigned to discussants or commentators invited. Each session of the seminar will be structured as follows: the authors will give a short presentation of the papers (10-15 minutes each); each discussant will comment the papers, addressing the main issues raised and highlighting the relevant cross-cutting questions (15 minutes each discussant); the floor will then be open to general discussion among all seminar participants and the authors, who will be given the opportunity to reply to the comments. Discussants and participants will include leading academics in the field.

Final versions of the paper will be published, after the refereeing process, in the NYU Jean Monnet Working Papers Series. The best contributions may also become part of a symposium dedicated to the “New Theories of Administrative Law”, to be published in The International Journal of Constitutional Law (I-Con), in this case too after the refereeing process.

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Call for Papers: Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law 

Call for Papers: Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law

The Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law is soliciting articles on a range of topics related to environmental and administrative law for its upcoming volume. Submissions will be accepted throughout the spring and into the early part of the summer. Please submit articles directly to Editor-in-Chief Susie Shutts ( or Managing Articles Editor, Brian Connolly (

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Call for Papers -- Louisiana State University Journal of Energy Law and Resources 

Call for Papers -- Louisiana State University Journal of Energy Law and Resources

Paul M. Hebert Law Center of Louisiana State University is pleased to announce the launch of the Louisiana State University Journal of Energy Law and Resources (JELR), a new journal intended for all scholars with an interest in energy law. The journal will publish in print and electronic formats beginning Fall 2012, and warmly invites submissions for its inaugural issue.

The Journal of Energy Law and Resources aims at providing an interdisciplinary forum for those who study or practice in the various sectors of energy law, encouraging a variety of topics from legal scholars as well as scholars in related fields. JELR seeks to promote intellectual communication across traditional boundaries, keeping abreast of the ideas of those who share our broad interests but approach them differently. In the same spirit, the journal’s pages are open to scholarship that enriches our understanding of not only the epicenter of energy law, but also the peripheries both nationally and internationally. To that end, the editorial team seeks submissions from within the legal community as well as from other communities. Scholars, researchers, practitioners, and professionals are highly encouraged to submit their academic articles.

The Journal of Energy Law and Resources welcomes both qualitative and quantitative empirical studies as well as purely theoretical essays. In addition to providing full length scholarly articles, JELR will maintain a blog of shorter pieces regarding changes or developments in energy law, providing practitioners effective resources in energy law.

The student editorial board works in conjunction with an expert editorial board of highly accomplished scholars, practitioners, and other professionals, who are representative of the journal’s theoretical and methodological diversity.

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Social Justice Feminism Conference 

Social Justice Feminism Conference

University of Cincinnati College of Law

October 26-27, 2012

The University of Cincinnati College of Law’s Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice seeks submissions for its upcoming 2012 conference “Social Justice Feminism.”

What is Social Justice Feminism? It is the type of work feminist activists on the ground say that they want to do. This desire for “social justice feminism” (SJF) emerged from a three-years’ long conversation among women leaders from national groups, grassroots organizations, academia, and beyond (the New Women’s Movement Initiative) who gathered to address dissonance in the women’s movement, particularly dissatisfaction with the movement’s emphasis on women privileged on account of their race, class, or sexuality. In 2010, Kristin Kalsem and Verna L. Williams of the University of Cincinnati College of Law published an article, “Social Justice Feminism,” that takes initial steps at broadly defining SJF as that which is productive, constructive, and healing. Moving from practice to theory, it suggests a new way of articulating and understanding the feminist work that is being done in this current stage of feminist jurisprudence, after the path-breaking interventions of anti-essentialism and intersectionality. The article also sets forth methodological tools for “doing social justice feminism.”

“Social Justice Feminism” was written to advance the conversation that has already begun, both in the world of practice as evidenced by the work of the New Women’s Movement Initiative, as well as the world of feminist legal theory. To download a copy of the article click here. The upcoming conference is intended to continue and expand the conversation. We are seeking papers from academics who are interested in practice and activists who are interested in theory. Possible panels include:

A social justice feminist approach to women and prison
Critical Race Feminism and SJF
The intersections of SJF and environmental justice
History and reproductive justice
New approaches to domestic violence activism
SJF and criminal justice

Deadline: April 1, 2012. We invite submissions of abstracts for individual papers, as well as complete panels. Send paper abstracts of no more that 500 words and a short biographical statement to In the subject or “re” line of your submission, please type: SJF conference submission. Include your full contact information, including an email, phone number, and mailing address where you can be reached. We will notify presenters of selected papers by June 1, 2012.

We look forward to your submissions. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Kristin Kalsem at 513.556.1220 or at

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Call For Papers -- 13th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation 

13th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

September 20-22, 2012, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, Vancouver, Canada

The University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, the UBC National Centre for Business Law, and the UBC Centre for Law and the Environment invite the submission of papers and abstracts for the 13th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, to be held in Vancouver, Canada, on September 20-22, 2012. The theme for this conference is Environmental Taxation: Barriers, Opportunities, and the Potential for Inducing Technological Innovation. This conference includes a special call for papers for consideration for special plenary session, and for a $2500 best paper prize on technological innovation and greenhouse gas reduction, described below.

THEME: We welcome the submission of papers and abstracts that broadly relate to this three-part theme. Barriers to Environmental Taxation (ET) may be political, psychological, or may take some other form, and generally identify obstacles to political or administrative adoption. Opportunities for ET speak to circumstances that may provide unusually favorable conditions for adoption of ET, like weak economic conditions and sovereign debt crises that have left governments scrambling to find new sources of revenue. And finally, the potential of ET to induce technological innovation to reduce emissions is a vital economic and environmental issue that has become a central driver to environmental policy and climate change policy.

PAPER DETAILS: With the generous support of Carbon Management Canada, the 13th GCET includes a special call for papers on the potential for ET to induce technological progress in reducing greenhouse gases. While the rest of the conference will consist of concurrent sessions, three papers will be selected to be a part of a special plenary panel discussion. Out of the three, one paper will be selected for a special prize of $1000 (Cdn) as the paper providing the most original and substantial contribution to climate policy and technological innovation. In addition, the winner of the special prize will receive a $1500 (Cdn) travel allowance to be applied to travel to this conference. Submissions pursuant to this special call must be in the form of a paper, not an abstract. As with the general call, please make your submission on the conference website by April 15, 2012. Papers selected for this special call will be made on a blind review basis, so please upload a copy of your paper without identifying information, such as your name or institution. But make sure that your paper title matches the title that you type into the box on the submission page - that is our only way of linking your paper to you! Papers submitted in response to this special call but not selected will automatically be considered for concurrent sessions.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Abstracts should not exceed 400 words. Papers should not exceed 5000 words, including figures, tables, footnotes, endnotes, and other references. Submissions must be made in pdf format and from the conference website: No mail or paper submissions will be accepted. Notification as to acceptance or rejection will be made on or before June 15, 2012. Some abstracts or papers will be accepted on a rolling basis, so that some early notifications will be made. Thus, some will be able to register for the conference under the Early Bird rate of $425 knowing that their abstract or paper has been accepted. Submitting early may thus be to your advantage.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Questions may be directed to:

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Call For Papers Haas-Sloan Conference on The Law & Economics of Organization: New Challenges and Directions 

The Law & Economics of Organization: New Challenges and Directions

November 30 - December 1, 2012

The Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is issuing a call for original research papers to be presented at the Conference on The Law & Economics of Organization: New Challenges and Directions. The conference will be held at the Haas School of Business in Berkeley, CA, on Friday, Nov. 30, and Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012. A reception and dinner will follow a keynote address by Nobel Laureate Oliver Williamson on Friday.

The purpose of the conference is to take stock of recent advances in the analysis of economic organization and institutions inspired by the work of 2009 Nobel Laureate Oliver Williamson and to examine its implications for contemporary problems of organization and regulation. Empirical research and research informed by detailed industry and institutional knowledge is especially welcome.

TOPICS: Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: - The nature, role, and implications of bounded rationality and opportunism as they relate to issues of contracting and the institutional framework governing contractual relationships
- Government intervention in the market through regulation, antitrust policies, and direct investment (e.g., energy market and health care regulation; patent enforcement; concession contracts in alternative legal environments; government tax preferences for and subsidization of technologies and markets)
- The operation and regulation of financial markets and institutions (e.g., the origins of and responses to the financial crisis; the role of credit rating agencies; financial and futures market organization and regulation)
- Legal and economic determinants of corporate organization, from joint ventures to the organization of corporate boards (e.g, labor restrictions and corporate organization; organization of high technology companies; regulation of corporate boards)

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Paper proposals or, if available, completed papers should be submitted on line at: ... Conference by March 31, 2012. The deadline for completed papers is November 1, 2012.

Selections will be made by the conference organizers, Professors Pablo Spiller (Berkeley), Scott Masten (Michigan), and Alan Schwartz (Yale). Conference papers will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization.

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Call For Papers TPRC, 40th Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy 

40th Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy

September 21-23, 2012, Arlington, Virginia

TPRC, the 40th Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy, is an annual conference on communication, information and internet policy that convenes international and interdisciplinary researchers and policymakers from academia, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. Its purpose is to present original research relevant to policy making, share information about areas where research is needed, and engage in discussion on current policy issues. The conference program consists of presentations selected from submitted paper abstracts, student papers, and proposals for panels, tutorials, and demonstrations.

TPRC is now soliciting abstracts of papers, proposals for panels, tutorials and demonstrations, and student papers for presentation at the 2012 conference, to be held September 21-23, 2012 at the George Mason University Law School, in Arlington, Virginia. These presentations should report current theoretical or empirical research relevant to communication and information policy.

TOPICS: Contributions may be from any disciplinary perspective - the sole criterion is research quality. Topic areas in previous conferences have included competition, antitrust, and other market issues; broadband deployment and adoption; spectrum and wireless application policy; media, old and new; intellectual property, technology, and Internet law; privacy, security, identity and trust; governance and institutions; innovation and entrepreneurship; and distributional outcomes and social goals.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Submission opens on March 1, 2012 at:

The deadlines are:
- March 31, 2012: Main conference abstracts, and proposals for panels, tutorials and demonstrations. Acceptances/rejections will be provided by May 31, 2012. Complete papers for accepted abstracts will be due to TPRC on August 15, 2012.
- April 30, 2012: Student papers. The student paper competition requires submission of completed papers rather than abstracts. Acceptances/rejections will be provided by June 30, 2012.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Details about submission requirements and review criteria can be found on these web pages:
- Conference Papers: ... amp;id=210
- Panels and Tutorials: ... amp;id=211
- Demonstrations: ... amp;id=212

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Call For Papers and Session Proposals Faculty of Law and Quebec Research Centre of Private and Comparative Law, McGill University, Montreal - Stateless Law? The Future of the Discipline 

Stateless Law? The Future of the Discipline

Faculty of Law, McGill University, 28-29 September 2012

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first graduating class of the McGill Program, the Faculty of Law and the Quebec Research Centre of Private and Comparative Law will host an international conference on the future of the discipline of law. This event will aim to foster a debate that critically assesses the latest developments in legal thought and innovative approaches to law, in the light of the challenge of globalization and the move away from a national paradigm for understanding law. It will also ask the question of how to integrate the insights so gained into the teaching of law. The concern is with law in all its dimensions: public and private, local and transnational, formal and informal. By being forced to abandon, at least in part, the posited law of the nation state as their lode star, legal education and legal scholarship have been presented with an opportunity to break the mould of centuries of legal nationalism: an opportunity that encourages new, transdisciplinary and transnational ways of thinking about law. In short, the goal is to re-assess and to re-imagine the discipline of law, its place in the university, and its role in society. The working languages of the conference will be English and French.

THEMES: Some of the themes which we expect to be covered include: How do globalization and legal pluralism affect our understanding of law, legal education or both? In its interaction with other disciplines, how does law preserve its disciplinary identity? Can a renewed understanding of particular fields of law shed light on our evolving understanding of the discipline? How is the teaching and research of basic private law-contracts, civil wrongs, property, the law of persons-affected by the increasingly transnational and transdisciplinary focus of legal scholarship?

SPEAKERS: Confirmed speakers include:
- Professor Mireille Delmas-Marty (College de France)
- Professor John Gardner (University of Oxford)
- Professor Ernest Weinrib (University of Toronto)
- Professor Annelise Riles (Cornell University)

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Proposals for papers are now invited. If you would like to offer a paper, please submit a working title and an abstract (of no more than 350 words) by email to: before April, 16th, 2012. The abstract should be written in English or French, the language of the abstract indicating the language of the proposed full paper.

SESSION PROPOSALS: Proposals for sessions may also be submitted. Such proposals should include three or four paper proposals on a given theme. A session might be organized around an interdisciplinary nexus, postgraduate and/or undergraduate legal education, or a particular field of law or approach to law. Session proposals must include a statement that all of the proposed speakers have agreed to participate, and contact information for all proposed speakers.

Proposals will be selected on the basis of their quality and originality, as well as their engagement with the conference theme and their fit with other papers being presented at the conference. The selection will be made by a scientific committee. Presenters whose proposals are accepted will be expected to meet their own travel and accommodation costs, although the conference registration fee will be waived. Depending on the outcome of applications for financial assistance, some funds may be available to assist presenters with travel and accommodations; those who have need of such funds should indicate this in their applications.

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