Call For Papers CELS 2012 - Seventh Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies 

Seventh Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies
Stanford University Law School on November 9-10, 2012

Paper Submission Deadline: Sunday July 8, 2012, midnight (PST)

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: SELS works with the Social Science Research Network to provide online paper submission. To submit a paper for consideration, please go to the CELS 2012 Conference page on SSRN - (Do not go through the regular SSRN paper submission system.) There is no charge for submissions. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For information about the Society for Empirical Legal Studies please visit:

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Call for Participation Mid-Atlantic Law and Society Association Inaugural Conference 

Law, Society and the Social Good
October 19-20, 2012
Drexel University, Earle Mack School of Law, Philadelphia, PA

Our theme is purposely broad and encompassing. But we are especially interested in considering the manner in which knowledge obtained from socio-legal research can be used to understand and engage with the social good. Other law and society topics are welcome.

The DEADLINE for submission of paper proposals and other forms of participation is August 1, 2012.

We seek papers, panels, and roundtables aimed at stimulating conversations that will build bridges across the range of law and society topics. We anticipate organizing different kinds of presentations, including both traditional panels for completed papers and workshops for projects and ideas still in development; we welcome proposals that let participants share and respond to intellectual projects in thoughtful and enjoyable ways. We are particularly interested in proposals that cross national, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries.

Graduate students and junior scholars are especially encouraged to apply and the conference will provide targeted opportunities for networking and feedback for early career scholars.
We look forward to receiving your submissions via email to:

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2012 Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest 

Intellectual Property and the Public Interest
December 15-17, 2012 FGV Law School Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The application form is available now at Due to generous support from our sponsors, the Congress will cover the registration fees and all on-site costs for all attendees, including lunches and dinner receptions. Limited travel grants to cover accommodation and/or travel to the Congress will be available, with priorities for those from developing countries.

Priority applications for travel assistance and to present or chair a workshop at the Congress will be due by August 1, 2012.
Final applications for travel grants, subject to funding availability, as well as applications to present at the Congress, will be due by September 1, 2012.
Applicants not seeking travel assistance or presentation opportunities may apply to attend the Congress by November 1, 2012.

The first Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest was convened in 2011 to define a positive agenda for policy reform, build a global network of scholars and advocates to promote the agenda and provide opportunities for the sharing of research and strategies. The nearly 200 inaugural participants from over 30 countries and 6 continents deliberated over three days through in-person meetings and web-based collaboration to produce the Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest ( -- an action agenda for promoting the public interest in intellectual property and information law reform around the world.
Sixteen months later, we come together to measure our progress and expand the positive agenda. To this end, we invite applications to attend the Congress and contribute to its deliberations identifying forums where policy is being developed, proposing policies or actions that promote public interest goals and principles, and identifying and planning to respond to research and analysis needs.

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Critical legal conference 2012 -- Gardens of Justice 

The conference venue is Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm. The conference is organised by Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation, KTH; Juridiska institutionen, Lunds universitet; and Juridiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet.

Stockholm, 14-16 September, 2012

The theme for next year’s Critical Legal Conference is “Gardens of Justice”. Although the theme may be interpreted in different ways, it suggests thinking about law and justice as a physical as well as a social environment, created for specific purposes, at a certain distance from society and yet as an integral part of it. The theme also invites you to think about justice as a concrete metaphor rather than an abstract concept. Just like any ordinary garden, legal institutions affect both people working in them and people who are just passing through their arrangements.

The theme “Gardens of Justice” further suggests a plurality of justice gardens that function together or that are at times at odds with each other. There are for instance well ordered French gardens, with meticulously trimmed plants and straight angles, but that also plays tricks on your perception. There are English gardens that simultaneously look natural – un-written – and well kept, inviting you to take a slow stroll or perhaps sit down and read a book. There are closed gardens, surrounded by fences, and with limited access for ordinary people. There are gardens organized around ruins, let’s call them Roman gardens, where you can get a sense of the historical past, but without feeling threatened by its strangeness. There are Japanese stone gardens made for meditation rather than movement. There are zoological gardens, where you can study all those animal species that do not have a proper sense of justice, no social contracts, no inequality and social injustice, and no legal systems. There is, indeed, the Jungle, a real or imaginary place outside the Gardens of Law.

The conference “Gardens of Justice” invites you to look at law and justice from a different and critical perspective:
- as a physical and spatializing structure;
- as a place where symbolic orders and disorders become visible and may be acted out;
- as therapy session;
- as social topography and/or geography;
- as gendered and gendering;
- as pluralistic and (un)fair;
- as political cartography on a global scale;
- as process and phantasy;
- as theatre and/or temple of justice;
- as social utopia and social dystopia;
- as nomos and/or physis.

We encourage you to make your own interpretations of the theme of “Gardens of Justice”. We invite individual papers and proposals for streams, roundtables and workshops. Proposals should consist of a short abstract (max 250 words). Deadline for proposal of streams, roundtables and workshops is 31 March 2012; and for individual papers 31 May 2012.

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

The 2012 IFA USA Branch International Tax Symposium will be held on Sunday, September 30, 2012 in Boston, USA.
The International Fiscal Association supports the Symposium, which will be held in conjunction with the 2012 Annual
World Congress of the International Fiscal Association, September 30 - October 4, 2012. The website for the
Symposium is Registration fees are included in the registration for the
World Congress.

Papers are welcome on any topic relating to taxation from international activities, applying any research methodology.
Authors from anywhere in the world may apply. Submissions of papers related to the main subjects of the Congress
are encouraged. These are Enterprise Services and The Debt-Equity Conundrum.

Eligible for submission are working papers that have not been accepted for publication.
Contents of the cover page of each submission: title, each author’s name and affiliation, address and email,
purpose/topic of research, research methodology.
Authors of accepted papers will be expected to participate in the 2012 World Congress of the International Fiscal
Association and pay associated registration fees.

June 1, 2012 - Submit either (1) an extended abstract with paper title, name of authors and description of
approximately 300 words, or (2) the full paper to all members of the program committee, below, with “IFA USA
Symposium” in the subject line.
June 15, 2012 - Decisions emailed to authors.
June 30, 2012 - Authors of accepted papers commit to participate, by email.
August 31, 2012 - Full papers due.

Prof. Brigitte W. Muehlmann, Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School (Chair),
Prof. Daniel M. Berman, Boston University School of Law,
Prof. Diane M. Ring, Boston College Law School,
Prof. Stephen E. Shay, Harvard University Law School,

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Final Call for Papers: National Business Law Scholars Conference 

National Business Law Scholars Conference
June 27-28, 2012
University of Cincinnati College of Law

The deadline has been extended for the National Business Law Scholars Conference (NBLSC), formerly known as the Midwest Corporate Legal Scholars Conference. The planners of the event have received an enthusiastic response from over three dozen academics from across the nation who plan to attend.

The event will be held on Wednesday, June 27th and Thursday, June 28th at University of Cincinnati College of Law in Cincinnati, Ohio. We welcome all on-topic submissions and will attempt to provide the opportunity for everyone to actively participate.

The conference will feature a panel discussion: "Good, Bad or Stupid: The STOCK and JOBS Acts." Panelists (to date) include Steven Davidoff (Ohio State), Joan Heminway (Tennessee), and Donna Nagy (Indiana-Bloomington).

To submit a presentation, email Professor Eric C. Chaffee at with an abstract or paper by May 25, 2012. Please title the email “NBLSC Submission – {Name}”. If you would like to attend, but not present, email Professor Chaffee with an email entitled “NBLSC Attendance”. Please specify in your email whether you are willing to serve as a commentator or moderator. A conference schedule will be circulated in early June.

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The Twenty-First British Legal History Conference 

he Twenty-First British Legal History Conference will be held in Glasgow from Wednesday 10 July 2013 to Saturday 13 July 2013. The conference theme will be:

Law and Authority

How have sources of law and frameworks for their application related to underlying conceptions of authority, or to the authority of other institutions, processes or actors within the legal order? The conference addresses the ways law has been shaped historically by different forms and ideas of authority, and by assumptions, arguments and debates about the relationship between law and authority. The theme embraces the authority of lawyers, judges and jurists; law courts, legislatures and other institutions of governance; judicial decisions, legislation and codes; texts such as legal opinions, law reports and juristic treatises; records such as charters, court decrees and verdicts; rules, principles and precedents; forms of argument, interpretation and doctrinal categories; custom, social practice and myth; ideology, equity and wider traditions in intellectual history, legal and political thought.

Papers concerning all jurisdictions, branches of the law and historical periods are welcome. Ideally, papers should reflect the conference theme. Papers embodying innovative legal history research and proposals from doctoral students are encouraged.

Proposals for papers (up to 500 words) are invited, to reach the organisers – preferably by email attachment (in Word or pdf format) sent to the address below – by 31 August 2012. If potential contributors are unsure whether their proposals suitably reflect the theme, enquiries may be made informally by email (again to the address below). A draft programme and details of registration and accommodation will be circulated early in 2013.

Conference email:

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The Human Face of the European Union: Humane enough? 

University of Manchester
Manchester, United Kingdom
20 July 2012

The EU is recurrently criticised for not having been able to distance itself sufficiently from its roots in economic integration. Both academic and popular discourses promote the idea that the EU consistently favours market values over social concerns and human rights. The current economic and monetary crisis and the way EU institutions and leaders have dealt with it, have strengthened this common perception. To what extent these discourses hold some truth in them is, however, contentious. Is the EU truly an organisation that lacks humaneness, in the sense of compassion and sympathy for those affected? In this workshop, this question will be explored by analysing how well the balance between economic/corporate and social/human interests has been struck in different EU policy fields.

We invite papers that examine this balance in the development and state-of-affairs of the key EU policy fields that affect people's lives and are object of criticism, including:

Economic regulation
Labour and employment law
Free movement, citizenship, and third-country nationals
Social benefits and social security
Discrimination law and minorities
European private law
Criminal justice
Asylum and refugees
Security and defence
Neighbourhood and external policies

Focus should be on exploring the degree of humaneness that EU law reflects and promotes in these fields. Special attention should also be placed on the post-Treaty of Lisbon state-of-affairs, in order to grasp the impact (if any) that the new institutional, law-making and competence arrangements, as well as more recent instruments and initiatives, have had. We welcome in particular papers that deal with the subject matter from a cross-disciplinary and policy-oriented perspective.

Confirmed speakers include Professors Dagmar Schiek, Steve Peers, and Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi. It is planned that a selection of contributions will be published, in the form of journal special issue or edited book.

Paper abstracts of up to 250 words should be sent to Nuno Ferreira ( by Friday, 11 May 2012.

Event Type: Conference
Contact: Nuno Ferreira

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Software Patents at Santa Clara 

Solutions to the Software Patent Problem

High Tech Law Institute

November 16, 2012 at Santa Clara University School of Law.

Rather than debating the merits of software patents, the conference will start with the premise that software patents are in need of reform. Presenters will be asked to select an aspect of software (including internet and related high-tech) patents that they believe needs attention, present a proposed fix (which could be legislative, administrative, judicial, or market-based), and explain why it would help. Key stakeholders will be at the event to evaluate the proposals for their content, feasibility, and impact.

In addition, presenters will prepare a short essay (less than 1,000 words) recapping their proposal and its merits for a general audience. has expressed interest in publishing the compilation of
essays. Between the presentations and the papers, we hope to make tangible progress towards ameliorating the problems associated with software patents.

We invite your expressions of interest to present your solution at the event. In addition to presenting the proposal in person, presenters will be expected to submit their short essay a few weeks prior to the event. SCU will cover reasonable travel costs for selected presenters. If you would like to participate, please submit a description of your proposal by May 1, 2012.

Contact: Colleen Chien ( and Eric Goldman (

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Loyola Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium 

Loyola Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium
November 2 & 3, 2012, Chicago

This is the third annual Loyola conference bringing together constitutional law scholars at all stages of their professional development to discuss current projects, doctrinal developments in constitutional law, and future goals. Unless we are overwhelmed, we hope to be able to schedule presentations for all who submit. In this way, we will provide a forum for the vetting of ideas, invaluable opportunities for informed critiques, and networking opportunities. Presentations will be grouped by subject matter.

This announcement invites abstract submissions of 150 to 200 words from Constitutional Law professors interested in contributing to the current debates concerning constitutional theory and Supreme Court rulings. We also welcome attendees who wish to participate in audience discussions without presenting a paper. The goal of the conference is to allow professors to develop new ideas with the help of supportive colleagues on a wide range of constitutional law topics.

Eligibility: The Loyola Constitutional Law Colloquium is aimed at Constitutional Law, Legal History, Political Science, and Philosophy scholars teaching at the university, law school, and graduate levels on matters of constitutional law. We welcome applications from full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty members, as well as post-doctoral fellows from academic discipline related to the study of constitutional issues (anthropology, history, law, literary criticism, philosophy political science, sociology, etc.).

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The registration and abstract submission deadline is May 31, 2012. Conference organizers will select abstracts on a rolling basis.

Registration at:

Topics, abstracts, papers, questions, and comments should be submitted to:


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