Past, Present, and Future of Appellate Briefs — AALS Meeting — New Orleans, LA 

The AALS Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research invites submissions on the topic of The Past, Present, and Future of Appellate Briefs for a program at the AALS annual meeting Jan. 4-7. 2013. The submission deadline is Aug. 15, 2012.

The AALS Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning and Research is pleased to announce that one of the programs that it will sponsor during the AALS 2013 Annual Meeting in New Orleans is on the topic of The Past, Present, and Future of Appellate Briefs.

Listed below are the committed moderator and speakers. The Section is now seeking paper submissions to fill the speaker slot that will address Trends in Briefing. For this topic, the Section is looking for papers that will focus on the present status of appellate briefs by addressing topics like how briefs have changed in recent years, what innovative practices today’s advocates deploy, and what orthodoxies law students are taught that may not reflect the way appeals are actually litigated in practice. These are not the only topics that may be addressed, however; the Section encourages submission of papers on topics broadly associated with the present status of appellate briefs.

Moderator: Noah Messing, Lecturer in the Practice of Law and Legal Writing, Yale Law School

The Origins of Appellate Briefs in the American Court System: R. Kirkland Cozine, Counsel, Lazard Middle Markets LLC

Revisiting the Brandeis Brief: Linda Edwards, E.L. Cord Foundation Professor of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law

Trends in Briefing

Tensions between What the Legal Writing Community Teaches and What Top Lawyers Actually Do: Noah Messing, Lecturer in the Practice of Law and Legal Writing, Yale Law School

The Future of Appellate Briefs: Lucille Jewel, Associate Professor, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

Submissions should be of scholarship relating to the topic of Trends in Briefing.

There is a maximum 25,000 word limit (inclusive of footnotes) for the submission, although the section encourages shorter, essay length submissions as well. Each professor may submit only one paper for consideration.

The Section will review the paper anonymously. A cover letter with the author’s name and contact information should accompany the paper. The paper itself, including title page and footnotes, must not contain any references that identify the author or the author’s school. The submitting author is responsible for taking any steps necessary to redact self-identifying text or footnotes. Papers may be accepted for publication but must not be published prior to the annual meeting.

To be considered, papers must be submitted electronically to Professor Samantha Moppett, Suffolk University Law School, The deadline for submission is Wednesday, August 15, 2012. The author of the selected paper will be notified by October 1, 2012. The Call for Paper participant will be responsible for paying his or her own annual meeting registration fee and travel expenses.

Full-time faculty members of AALS member law schools are eligible to submit papers. Foreign, visiting (and not full time at a member law school faculty), and adjunct faculty members, graduate students, and fellows are not eligible to submit. Faculty at fee-paid non-member schools are also ineligible.

Papers will be selected after review by an ad hoc committee composed of Section Executive Committee members and Section Program Committee members.

Any inquiries about the Call for Papers should be submitted to: Professor Samantha Moppett, Suffolk University Law School,, or 617.573.8135, or Kirsten Davis,

The Program Committee looks forward to receiving your papers.

Kirsten Davis, Stetson (co-chair)
Samantha Moppett, Suffolk (co-chair)
Mary Algero, Loyola New Orleans
Anna Hemingway, Widener
Ellie Margolis, Temple
Joseph Mastrosimone, Washburn
Kathryn Mercer, Case Western
Noah Messing, Yale
Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown

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AALS Securities Regulation/Financial Institutions &Consumer Financial Services Program  

Call for Papers

AALS Joint Program of the Securities Regulation Section and

Financial Institutions & Consumer Financial Services Section

The Regulation of Financial Market Intermediaries:

The Making and Un-Making of Markets

AALS Annual Meeting, January 4, 2013

New Orleans

The AALS Section on Securities Regulation and the Section of Financial Institutions & Consumer Financial Services are pleased to announce that they are sponsoring a Call for Papers for their joint program on Friday, January 4th at the AALS 2013 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The topic of the program and call for papers is “The Regulation of Financial Market Intermediaries: The Making and Un-Making of Markets.” The financial crisis witnessed numerous market failures involving an array of financial market intermediaries, including banks, broker dealers, and various kinds of investment funds (from money market mutual funds to hedge funds). The crisis came at the end of a decades-long transformation of the U.S. financial services sector that blurred the boundaries between banking and securities businesses. During this period a range of new intermediaries emerged and connected individuals and firms seeking financing to investors in capital markets. At the same time, capital markets became increasingly dominated by financial institutions and other institutional investors. Intermediaries devised and “made markets” for new and often highly illiquid and opaque financial instruments. Many of these new markets froze or crashed in the financial crisis. In response, Dodd-Frank and other financial reforms have imposed a grab bag of new rules on financial intermediaries.

Yet the effects of these financial reforms remain unclear. Moreover, policymakers and scholars often disagree about the precise problems that these reforms are meant to address. For example, the SEC’s headline-grabbing suit against Goldman Sachs over the ABACUS transactions focused on conflicts of interest for large financial conglomerates with different stakes in a transaction. Meanwhile, other financial reforms have focused on the opacity of pricing in financial markets or on the solvency or liquidity risk faced by intermediaries.

The tangle of potential market failures has led to a range of policy responses. Often banking and securities scholars seem to look at the same set of market practices through radically different lenses. Banking scholars focus on solvency crises and banking runs and debate the application of prudential rules on the risk-taking, leverage, and liquidity of intermediaries. At the same time, securities scholars emphasize the problems of conflicts of interest and asymmetric information. They then look to the traditional policy tools in their field such as disclosure, fiduciary duties, and corporate governance.

The dearth of dialogue between these two fields creates the risk of confusion in identifying both problems and solutions for financial intermediaries and the markets in which they operate. To move the discussion forward, scholars in both fields may have to move outside their comfort zones. The study of financial institutions cannot be limited to deposit-taking banks. Similarly, securities regulation involves more than securities offerings and litigation, but the regulation of broker-dealers, investment advisers and funds, and the regulation of trading and markets.

Form and length of submission

The submissions committee looks forward to reviewing any papers that address the foregoing topics. Abstracts should be comprehensive enough to allow the review committee to meaningfully evaluate the aims and likely content of papers they propose. Eligible law faculty are invited to submit manuscripts or abstracts dealing with any aspect of the foregoing topics. Untenured faculty members are particularly encouraged to submit manuscripts or abstracts.

The initial review of the papers will be blind. Accordingly the author should submit a cover letter with the paper. However, the paper itself, including the title page and footnotes must not contain any references identifying the author or the author’s school. The submitting author is responsible for taking any steps necessary to redact self-identifying text or footnotes.

Papers may be accepted for publication but must not be published prior to the Annual Meeting.

Deadline and submission method

To be considered, papers must be submitted electronically to Erik Gerding at The deadline for submission is August 10, 2012.

Papers will be selected after review by members of a Committee appointed by the Chairs of the two sections. The authors of the selected papers will be notified by September 30, 2012.

The Call for Paper participants will be responsible for paying their annual meeting registration fee and travel expenses.

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Call For Papers: Local Government Works-In-Progress 

Marquette University Law School is pleased to announce that it will host the first annual Local Government Law Works-in-Progress Conference on Friday, September 21, 2012 (possibly Saturday, September 22, 2012 as well, depending on interest). The conference will provide an opportunity for local government law scholars to present works-in-progress and receive feedback from their colleagues in the field.

Registration Deadline: Monday, August 13, 2012


Abstracts and Papers: Deadline Tuesday, September 4, 2012; submit papers to

Conference Organizers:

Matt Parlow, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Marquette University Law School
Ken Stahl, Associate Professor of Law, Chapman University School of Law
Rick Su, Associate Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo Law School

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The Legal Perspectives on the Victim -- Call for Papers 

Nottingham Trent University Call for papers:
Symposium - Legal Perspectives on the Victim -
19 December 2012

Nottingham Law School's newly formed research center, the Center for Conflict, Rights & Justice welcomes the submission of proposals for symposium papers on the theme of the victim, broadly defined. The deadline for submission of proposals with abstracts (max 150 words) is 1 October. The best papers will be published in the 2013 issue of the Nottingham Law Journal. Further details the event can be found at: ... index.html Please direct inquires to: Tom Lewis, Louise Taylor or Helen O?Nions helen.o?

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Call For Papers The 10th ASLI Conference 2013 - Celebrating Diversity: Ten Years of ASLI 

23rd and 24th May 2013, National Law School of India University, Bangalore

We are pleased to announce that the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) and the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) will hold the 10th Annual ASLI Conference in Bangalore, India on 23rd and 24th May 2012. We look forward to welcoming you, and value your contribution to the ongoing success of this annual conference.

The theme has been decided upon in order to commemorate the 10 years of ASLI. In these 10 years, ASLI has successfully brought together the diverse legal cultures and experiences from the Asia-Pacific region. Lawyers, Academicians, Students and others have participated and contributed to the discussions and debates, providing food for thought, teaching and research through these nine years. We are hoping to capture this diversity of law and practice in the region even as we celebrate the success of ASLI over these years.

While the Faculty of Law, NUS has played host to the inaugural, fifth and ninth conferences the conference venue has travelled over a good part of the Eastern Asia - Bangkok, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and even Japan in the Far East. This will be the first time that an ASLI conference will be held in South Asia and we are proud to be the hosts for the Tenth ASLI Conference.

THEMES: The themes for each of these conferences while focusing on Asia have at the same time tried to capture the various changes that were taking place during that period - "The Role of Law in a Developing Asia", "The Development of Law in Asia: Convergence versus Divergence?" "The Challenge of Law in Asia: From Globalisation to Regionalisation?" "Voice for a Just and Equitable World", "Dynamics of Change in Asia", "Law in a Pluralist Asia: Challenges and Prospects", "Law in a Sustainable Asia" and "Law: An Asian Identity?" All these themes have tried to address the issues that arise from the diverse legal regimes, cultures, practices and experiences of this region and at the same time to find something in common to help move forward together in a changing world. We have learnt much from each other through this sharing of experiences in practice and research. So it is but appropriate to reflect on what we have done even as we look forward to shape the world that is emerging before us.

Learning about the diversity of the region should enable us to see how relative truth is and at the same time by being informed about the diversity learn to respect each other rather than have hegemonic world views particularly as lawyers and students of law. Diversity means richness of experience and ways to solve the human problems that all of us have to confront within our own legal systems. We hope that this theme for the 10th ASLI conference will provide newer and more opportunities for reflection, thought and participation. Wishing each and every potential participant the very best and looking forward to welcoming you to the National Law School of India University, Bangalore in May 2013.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Please visit our conference website at: for selection criteria, guidelines for abstract or paper submissions and other related conference information.

SUBMISSIONS OF INDIVIDUAL PAPERS, POSTERS & PANELS: For online submission of individual or poster abstracts as well as online submission of panels please go to our conference website: ... apers.html

Downloadable copies of the forms are also available on the conference website. The website, which will be updated periodically with the latest information on tentative panel sessions and programme schedule, also contains information on recommended conference hotels.

We regret that no subsidies are available for expenditures such as air flights, hotel charges and conference fees. A detailed and finalized programme (speaker panels, etc.) will be made available to all registered participants nearer the date of the conference.

FURTHER INFORMATION: We would very much appreciate your help in bringing this conference to the attention of your faculty/law school colleagues, as well as to anyone whom you think might be interested in attending, whether as a paper presenter or otherwise.

For enquiries regarding the conference, please contact the ASLI Secretariat at Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Bangalore in May 2013.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. (Dr.) Venkata Rao, Vice-Chancellor, National Law School of India University
Professor Andrew James Harding, Director, Asian Law Institute

- Submission of Abstract: 1 December 2012
- Authors will be notified by the 14th of January 2013 on the status of their submission
- Deadline for Early Bird Registration and Payment: 28 February 2012
- Submission of Completed Paper: 29 March 2013
- Closing date for Registration and Payment: 30 March 2013
- Conference: 23 & 24 May, Thursday & Friday 2013'


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Call for Papers: Interfaces between International and National Legal Orders: An International Rule of Law Perspective  

The Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) is organising a seminar on 14-15 March 2013 and invites paper proposals from scholars and practitioners of law and related disciplines.

The Seminar Theme

The seminar explores the evolving interfaces between international and national legal orders from the perspective of the international rule of law.

In this seminar, the international rule of law concerns international law regulating states, as well as international institutions and other subjects of international law. The international rule of law could be narrowly defined to encompass procedural requirements, or more broadly to include inter alia human rights, democracy, the separation of powers, and/or accountability.

Submission of Proposals and the Timeline
Paper proposals should include a description of maximum 500 words and the applicant’s curriculum vitae. Submissions should cover work that has not been previously published.
At the time of the seminar, the invited authors should present a paper of 7,000-8,000 words, excluding references. It is the intention of the organisers to publish the papers in an edited volume.

Paper proposals should be sent by email to Ms. Martine van Trigt at The deadline is 1 November 2012. Selected participants will be informed by 1 December 2012. Each participant must submit a paper by 22 February 2013 for distribution to the other participants.The seminar takes place on 14-15 March 2013 at the University of Amsterdam. The sponsoring organisations will cover the speakers’ travelling and accommodation expenses.
The seminar is co-sponsored by the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law.

For substantive questions, please contact Dr. Machiko Kanetake at

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Transnational Arbitration — Miami, FL 

Biltmore Hotel
January 24-25, 2013

The Executive Committee and Academic Council of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) are proud to announce that the second annual ITA Winter Forum will take place in Miami on January 24-25, 2013. Building on its successful launch in 2012, the Winter Forum provide a unique opportunity for the exploration of scholarly papers and probing debate practical slant of topical issues in international arbitration.

The first half of the Winter Forum will showcase two works-in-progress, encompassing presentations by authors, commentary by internationally recognized academics and practitioners, and interactive discussion among all participants. Our objective is to integrate the unique insights of academics and practitioners, encourage cross-collaboration, and promote the evolution
international arbitration during a time of global transition. After a conversation over lunch renowned authority Gary Born, chair of the International Arbitration Practice Group WilmerHale, the Winter Forum will feature a Tylney-Hall-style discussion forum, concluding with a select year-in-review of noteworthy events in international arbitration.

With this backdrop, we now initiate a call for works-in-progress. Keeping in mind ITA’s stated objective to provide “leading educational and professional activities for legal counsel, arbitrators, business executives, government officials, academics and other professionals through programs that examine, critique and seek to improve the practice and study of international arbitration and provide opportunities to enhance the arbitration community,” we encourage authors to consider a broad variety of topics.

All proposals must be submitted by September 1, 2012, via email to in accordance with the following conventions. First, proposals should be made in a Word document that is no longer than 1,000 words. Second, your cover email should indicate your affiliated institution, your contact details and whether your paper has been submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere. In evaluating proposals, please note that priority will be given to unpublished papers and works-in-progress. Every paper proposal will be reviewed on a blind basis by at least two members of the Selection Committee (identified below).

We anticipate announcing the selected papers by October 1, 2012. Authors selected for the Winter Forum must be prepared to circulate a substantially complete draft of their paper no later than December 20, 2012.

While ITA cannot reimburse all travel expenses, selected authors will receive a waiver of the conference fee for the Winter Forum and two nights’ accommodation in Miami.

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Maine Law Review 2013 Food Law Colloquium 

The Maine Law Review* invites you to participate in its 2013 Food Law Colloquium. The Colloquium presents an opportunity for discussion and debate about the legal architecture of food systems in Maine, the United States, and beyond. To complement the Colloquium, the spring volume of the Review will be devoted to high-quality legal scholarship focusing on a wide range of food law topics.

TOPICS: The Maine Law Review seeks submissions of papers for oral presentation at the Colloquium and for publication in its Spring 2013 volume. We invite contributions in the form of articles or essays addressing any aspect of food law. Topics may include, but are not limited to: local food ordinances and states' rights movements; the effects of the 2012 Farm Bill on small-scale agriculture; food safety and security; judicial responses to competing interests of seed patent owners and farmers; the challenges of securing financing for farmland conservation; administrative hurdles confronting the seafood industry; cooperatives and securities law; comparative analyses of food law frameworks; and emerging issues in food law. Although traditional, full-length papers are welcome, we principally seek shorter essays (roughly 8,000 to 15,000 words, including references) that will stimulate lively discussion at the Colloquium.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Draft abstracts and queries may be addressed to Aga Pinette, Editor-in-Chief, at, no later than September 30, 2012. Please accompany submissions with a curriculum vitae, and indicate your willingness and availability to travel to Portland, Maine, to participate in the Colloquium in February or March 2013.

The Maine Law Review is published twice annually by the students of the University of Maine School of Law. The journal has a diverse reading audience of legal scholars and students, practitioners, and judges.

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Property Rights and Planning in a Changing Economy, International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights 

February 13-15, 2013, Portland, Oregon, USA

Registration Deadline: January 11, 2013
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012

Papers are now invited for the 7th International conference of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights, which will be held from the 13th through the 15th of February at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA. The conference brings together scholars from around the world to present innovative research and engage in interdisciplinary exchange related to the theme of the Association - the study of the connections, in the broadest sense, between land and natural resource use, planning, and legal systems.

THEME: The 2013 conference theme is property rights and planning during a period of global economic restructuring. Secondary, place-specific themes include the American property rights movement and a retrospective and prospective look at Oregon's landmark statewide land-use planning program, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2013.

TOPICS: We invite papers on all topics related to law and planning, including all legal aspects of urban, regional, and rural planning; land use regulation; growth management/agricultural land protection, property rights, expropriation and compensation; housing; and public-private partnerships. We encourage submissions from researchers working in such areas as planning policy and practice, land economics, environmental justice, climate change, and urbanization and land access in the global south. Early career scholars and PhD students are particularly welcome! We invite papers on all topics related to law and planning, including, but not limited to the following:
- Legal aspects of urban, regional, and rural planning
- Land use controls and market alternatives
- Property rights, expropriation and compensation
- Housing, gentrification and social equity
- Land policy and growth management in comparative perspective
- Heritage/environmental protection
- Planning and property rights in the Pacific Rim
- Planning for climate change, resilient cities, and littoral and island nations
- Changing institutional and organizational forms in planning (e.g., neoliberal land tenure reforms; impacts of economic restructuring on the spatial scales of planning)
- Planning and property regimes for ocean and coastal areas

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Abstracts should be submitted by email no later than August 15, 2012, by Email: Abstracts will be reviewed and notification sent by email to the person or persons submitting.

The Abstract submission should contain the following information:
1. Name, professional affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address for the presenter and all co-authors. Doctoral or other graduate students should identify themselves and their supervisors, as we are organizing an additional PhD-meeting during the conference.
2. Title of paper
3. Abstract paragraphs - maximum of 600 words.
4. Keywords - up to a maximum of 4 words or short terms (e.g., property rights).

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information, contact: Professor Ellen Bassett,

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Banks, Markets and Financial Innovation: Efficiency, Systemic Risks and the Role of Regulation 

May 24, 2013, Milan

CONSOB and Bocconi University, through its CAREFIN and "Paolo Baffi" research centers, are organizing a conference on intermediaries, operational and allocative efficiency of markets and financial innovation and their implications for the regulation of securities markets.

TOPICS: The conference will focus on the following issues:
- intermediaries specialization and prudential regulation;
- banks, financial markets and taxation;
- shadow banking system;
- trends and development of asset management;
- market microstructure, trading strategies and their effects on efficiency;
- derivatives markets, counterparty and systemic risks;
- the choice of going public;
- costs and benefits of financial innovation;
- financial innovation and financial education.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Interested authors should submit their paper to the e-mail: by January 10, 2013. Papers submitted in a preliminary version may also be considered, provided that the aim of the research, the methodological approach and the main results are clearly outlined.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Papers will be selected through a refereeing process managed by a scientific committee chaired by prof. Vittorio Conti (CONSOB) and prof. Marco Onado (Bocconi University)

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