Call For Papers: Law And Sports: Current And Future Perspectives (International Conference)



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02/19/17 to 02/20/17

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Qatar University, Qatar


The College of Law, Qatar University

Law And Sports: Current And Future Perspectives (International Conference)
Call For Papers

19th and 20th February, 2017, Ibn Khaldoun Hall, Qatar University

An International Conference - Call For Proposals Now Open

Proposals Deadline: October 15th, 2016

BACKGROUND OF THE COLLEGE OF LAW IN CONFERENCES ORGANIZATION: The College of Law, Qatar University is committed to the advancement of law within the State of Qatar. To this end, the college has placed a special emphasis on embracing the values and mission of the University in order to boost the education and development of Qatar, thereby leading to fostering the development of both research capabilities and intellectual capital at the University. Accordingly, organizing conferences, workshops and seminars stands as an important mean to achieve the aforementioned vital goals.

In line with this commitment, the College of Law built a record of successful international conferences including: the Comparative Law Conference in 2012, the Syrian Crisis and International Law on 24th 25th February 2014, the Qatari Civil Code Conference marking the tenth anniversary of the enactment of the Qatari Civil Law on 23rd and 24th November 2014 and the Law and Medicine conference on 28th and 29th February, 2016.

IMPORTANCE OF THE CONFERENCE: The regulation of sports activities has been a subject of high importance for various legal systems due to its social context and impact on economy. People generally show interest in sports by either performing a number of sports activities or through following Television sports channels. In addition, the sports sector has become an important economic sector which attracts investment in various aspects. Governments tend to place this sector on top of their economic development priorities. This fact is clearly revealed in Contracts of Sport Sponsorship where the biggest international companies and organizations vigorously compete to win sponsorship contracts for major sport events.

Moreover, this economic emphasis has been also shown in international competitions between states to win the exclusive right to organize major sport activities at international and continental levels, which also contribute in governmental economic revitalization.

In line with the above, the State of Qatar placed high importance on sports and consequently issued a number of laws to regulate this sector in its various aspects whether physical, social or economic. This serves the fulfillment of Qatar National Vision 2030 that is based on four main pillars: economic, social, human and environment development.

More importantly, the fact that Qatar succeeded in winning the right to organize a number of regional, continental and international sport events, particularly the world cup 2022, places it in confrontation of numerous challenges that should be studied and researched.

Finally, this proposed conference predominantly aims to shed the light on various legal aspects related to the exercise of sports activities in the State of Qatar comparatively to other jurisdictions, in order to conclude recommendations that can be utilized in further developing the Qatari legal framework which in its turn, boost sports activities at all levels.

- To increase public awareness about the importance of legal regulation of sports activities on both Qatari and regional levels.
- To highlight the economic benefit of investment in sports activities.
- To identify the legal and operational challenges that faces investment in sports activities in Qatar, and suggests relevant and appropriate solutions for the development and growth of this sector in line with Qatar National Vision.
- To analyze the most recent developments and practices of sports regulation at national, regional and international levels.
- To promote an open dialogue with various sports experts and provide effective recommendations for policymakers to regulate various legal, economic, regulatory and technical gaps and obstacles that face investments in sports.

- Ministries and other related Government Organizations in Qatar (The Qatar Olympic Committee, The Ministry of Culture and Sports).
- Sports Organizations (Qatar Stars League-Aspire Academy- Sports Federations).
- Qatar Olympic Academy.
- Sports Clubs in Qatar.
- Judiciary Members.
- Lawyers.
- Investment Companies.v - Experts and researchers.
- Media.

The Regulatory Framework for Sport Activities:
- National and International Sports Organizations.
- Sports Clubs and Organizations.
- Sports Licensing.
- Taxation on Sports Activities.
- Regulatory Suspension of Sports Activities.
- Professional League Association.
- Sports Clubs and Organizations.
- Sports Licensing.
- Taxation on Sports Activities.
- Regulatory Suspension of Sports Activities.
- Professional League Association.
- Players Transfer Contacts.
- Sports Training Contracts.
- Sports Agents.

Sports Legal Liability:
- Civil Liability for Players and Referees.
- Civil Liability of Sport Clubs and Organizers.
- Criminal Liability for Using Steroids.
- Sport Liability Exemption.
- Sport Corruption Crimes in Clubs and Sport Organizations.

Insuring Sports Activities:
- Insurance against Sport Activities Risks.
- Hooliganism Insurance.
- Security and Safety in sport field and community responsibility.

Investment in Sports Activities:
- Intellectual Property Rights.
- Sports Sponsorship Companies.
- Sports Media.
- Sports Activity.

Resolution of Sports Disputes:
- Sports Courts.
- Arbitration or;
- Any alternative mechanism for the settlement of sport disputes.

- Qatar Olympic Committee.
- College of Law, Qatar University.

- Conference papers should adhere to academic standards and methodology.
- Papers must relate to the conference topics.
- Papers must contain specific recommendations that serve the objectives of the conference.
- Papers should not be previously presented in other conferences or previously published in other journals.
- The time for presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.
- All papers will be reviewed by a scientific committee at the College of Law.

The following editorial guidelines must be observed:
- Maximum Number of Pages: 30
- Font Type: Times new roman
- Font Size: 14
- Distance Between Lines: 1.15
- Number of Lines Per Page: 30
- Margins Specifications: Font Type: Times New Roman, Font Size: 11

- Interested participants are required to send a 1- page brief proposal of the paper they are planning to present in Arabic, English or French in addition to their C.V. to no later than 15th October, 2016.
- The College of Law will send initial acceptance notifications by 27th October, 2016.
- Submission of full papers should be made electronically before 30th December 2016 to the email:
- Papers are accepted in Arabic, English or French.
- Papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
- Qatar University will handle the travel and accommodation expenses for presenters who must travel to Doha.



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