Call For Papers American Law and Economics Association 2017 Annual Meeting



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05/12/17 to 05/13/17

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Yale Law School, New Haven, CT


The American Law and Economics Association

Call For Papers
American Law and Economics Association 2017 Annual Meeting

Friday and Saturday, May 12-13, 2017, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT

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The American Law and Economics Association solicits submissions of papers for our 2017 annual meeting, which will be held Yale Law School.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: To submit a paper for consideration, please click Choose the "Submit Papers" link on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here are the ground rules for submission:
- Number of submissions: You can submit at most (2) papers.
- Topic area: Each paper can be submitted to at most one (1) topic area (areas are listed at the end of this document).
- Number of Conference presentations: You can present only one (1) paper at the Conference. If you submit two papers, and both are accepted, you can present one and a co-author must present the other.
- Membership: Only complete papers, submitted by ALEA members, will be considered. Although you can submit a paper without paying ALEA dues, your paper will not be considered until you pay the dues.
- Revisions: Submissions cannot be revised after the submission deadline passes. If a paper is selected for inclusion in the Conference program, the author(s) will have an opportunity to revise it prior to the Conference date.
- Commitment to attend: Submission of a paper entails a personal commitment to attend the meeting and present the paper should it be selected for the program (in the absence of extenuating circumstances).
- Decision letters: The ALEA Program Committee will send decision letters in mid-March 2017.

NOTE ON MEMBERSHIP: To become an ALEA member or renew your membership for 2017 ($70; $30 for students), go to To see if you have paid your dues, please (i) select the "Membership Services" link; (ii) "click here" where indicated to enter the membership registration section; (iii) enter your email address (name is optional); and (iv) click on your user name. You will see your membership status at the bottom of the page (including the "paid through" date). Please do not email ALEA asking if you have paid your dues, unless you really need to do so.

TOPIC AREAS: There are 16 topic areas for submission. For each topic area, at least two area organizers (AOs) will provide expertise in evaluating theoretical and empirical contributions. They will review the papers and recommend session panels to the Program Committee, which has ultimate responsibility for constructing the program. All Area Organizers will be able (and encouraged) to recommend to the Program Committee re-assignments of papers they feel would be better considered in another area.

The topic areas are:
- Administrative Law; Legislation; Environmental Law
- Antitrust; Regulated Industries
- Bankruptcy; Secured Credit; Creditor's Rights; Consumer Finance
- Civil and Criminal Procedure; Litigation; Law Firms and the Legal Profession; ADR
- Commercial Law; Contracts
- Corporate Governance; Corporate Law; Law and Finance; Theory of the Firm
- Courts; Evidence; Juries; Judges; Judicial Decisionmaking
- Criminal Law; Crime; Law Enforcement
- Employment & Labor Law; Family Law; Discrimination
- International Law (Public and Private); International Trade
- Methodology; Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Law and Economics
- Political Economy; Public Choice; Public Law; Constitutional Law; Statutory
- Interpretation
- Property Law; Intellectual Property
- Securities Regulation; Financial Institutions
- Taxation; Public Finance; Transfer Programs; Economic Inequality
- Torts; Health Law; Insurance Law; Products Liability

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