Call for Papers: Food Law & Policy in the Trump Era



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The Journal of Food Law & Policy


The Journal of Food Law & Policy

Interest in food law and policy grew rapidly during the Obama administration. An emboldened food movement increasingly challenged corporate food and agricultural interests, while many academics, policymakers, and consumers began to promote food system reform as an attractive route to broader societal change. Writing about the future of food politics, Michael Pollan recently noted, “the culture of food is shifting underfoot.”

With the election of Donald Trump, however, agribusiness appears to be ascendant again. His transition team has made the concerns of large-scale agriculture paramount, promising to weaken or eliminate regulations throughout the food chain. Trump’s election has also highlighted the increasing political divide between rural and urban America. Once the wellspring of radical politics in the United States, rural America—and its farmers—are now among the most conservative segments of American society.  

The Journal of Food Law and Policy invites essays examining food law and policy in the Trump era. Essays should provide analysis and commentary rather than research results and may be on a variety of topics, including the environmental regulation of agriculture, labor, food justice, anti-trust law, rural America, and animal welfare, among others. We welcome submissions from academics from all disciplines, as well as practitioners, policymakers, and advocates. 

Interested individuals should submit proposals with an abstract of 100 to 250 words, a short bio, and their contact information to by December 15th. Final manuscripts will be due on February 1st and should be no longer than 2,500 words.

Emily O'Neal
Editor in Chief
Journal of Food Law & Policy

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