Call for Papers: State Responses to the Heroin Epidemic – Cleveland, OH



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Cleveland, OH


Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

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Cleveland-Marshall College of Law invites submissions for its Spring 2017 symposium titled “A Discussion on State Responses to the Heroin Epidemic.”  The Symposium will take place on April 7, 2017, at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  In addition to speaking at the symposium, we ask speakers to write an article based on his or her presentation to be published in the Cleveland-Marshall Journal of Law and Health’s Fall 2017 publication. The objective of the symposium is to examine the heroin epidemic that has tragically spread throughout Ohio. 

Recently, Ohio joined 37 other states by enacting a “911 Good Samaritan” law when Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 110 into law.  The hope is that House Bill 110 will help prevent heroin overdoses. House Bill 110 can provide a limited immunity to an individual that calls law enforcement for medical attention, whether that person is the person in danger of overdosing or someone else.  This is just one of the many responses to the heroine epidemic.

Cleveland-Marshall’s Symposium seeks to examine the different possible solutions to the wide-spreading heroin epidemic.  Our objective is to bring together individuals with different backgrounds, who all want the same goal: to stop the rapidly spreading heroin epidemic.  We are interested in various viewpoints regarding solutions to this epidemic.

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