Call for Papers - Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network Seeks submissions for the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting



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06/7/18 to 06/10/18

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Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network

We invite you to participate in the panels sponsored by the Feminist Legal Theory
Collaborative Research Network at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in Toronto in June
2018. The Feminist Legal Theory CRN brings together law and society scholars across a range
of fields who share an interest in feminist legal theory. Information about the Law and Society
meeting is available at

This year’s meeting invites us to explore LAW AT THE CROSSROADS/LE DROIT A LA
CROISÉE DES CHEMINS. We seek in proposals that explore the application of feminist legal
theory to this rich theme, across any substantive area.

If you would like to present a paper as part of a CRN panel, submit your 500 word abstract to by the deadline of September 17, 2017.
Our goal is to stimulate focused discussion of papers on which scholars are currently working.
While you may submit papers that are closer to publication, we are particularly eager to receive
proposals for works-in- progress that are at an earlier stage and will benefit from the discussion
that the panels will provide. We are also especially interested in hearing from junior scholars,
and welcome submissions from scholars in VAPs, fellowship programs, non-tenure and pre-
tenure positions.

The Planning Committee will group accepted papers into panels of four, based on subject matter.
Each presentation should run roughly 10 minutes to allow ample time for discussion. A chair or
discussant will provide feedback on each paper.

If you would like to propose a pre-formed panel of four papers with a chair and a discussant,
please email us at Include that information in the appropriate box on
the submission form for each of the papers as well.

In addition to traditional panels, we are open to some of the other formats that the LSA allows,
including Author meets Reader, Salon, or Roundtable. If you have an idea that you think would
work well in one of these formats, please email us at Please note that
for roundtables, organizers must provide a 500-word summary of the topic and the
contributions they expect the proposed participants to make. Please also note that LSA rules
limit you to participating only once, either as a paper panelist or as a roundtable

As a condition of participating as a Feminist Legal Theory CRN panelist, you must agree to
also serve as a discussant or discussant/chair for another Feminist Legal Theory CRN
panel. The planning committee will assign two discussants for each panel, to provide feedback
on the papers and promote discussion. One of the discussants will also serve as the panel chair.

This requirement helps us to create and sustain a supportive community of scholars. We will
take into account expertise and topic preferences to the degree possible.
Chairs organize the panel, as well as moderate. Chairs will develop a 100-250 word description
for the session and submit the session proposal to LSA before the anticipated deadline of mid-
October. This will ensure that each panelist can submit their proposal, using the panel number
assigned. Each chair will also serve as discussant for two papers.

Discussants read the two to three papers assigned to them and prepare a short commentary to
offer feedback and serve as a basis for discussion among the panelist and audience members.
Proposals due Sunday, September 17 to
While we’re always happy to hear from you, please do not send submissions to individual
committee members.

The form requires the following information:
 The title of your proposal;
 A 500 word abstract or summary;
 Your name and title;
 Number of years you have been a law teacher/scholar;
 Your areas of interest and expertise within feminist legal theory;
 Whether this paper is part of a group of papers submitted together as a pre-formed

This information will permit us to organize panels and submit them prior to the LSA’s
anticipated deadline in mid-October. In the past, we have accommodated as many panelists as
possible, but have been unable to accept all proposals. If we are unable to accept your proposal
for the CRN, we will notify you by early October so that you can submit your proposal
independently to LSA.

We hope you will join us in Toronto to share your current scholarship and connect with this
vibrant community of feminist legal theorists.