Call for Papers - Junior International Law Scholars Association Annual Meeting



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Washington, DC


The Junior International Law Scholars Association (JILSA)

The Junior International Law Scholars Association (JILSA) is holding its annual meeting on Friday, January 12, 2018, at the American University College of Law, Washington, DC. JILSA is an informal network of junior scholars at mostly American law schools who get together annually for a self-funded workshop. Junior scholars should email co-chairs Rebecca Hamilton ( and Julian Arato ( by Friday, November 24, if they are interested in (a) workshopping a work in progress; (b) workshopping an early stage work; and/or (c) being a discussant at the meeting.

(a) For works in progress: please submit a working title, an abstract, and an indication of how far along you expect the paper to be (i.e. how long you anticipate it being by the time we request papers for distribution around New Years, and whether it has been accepted for publication). As usual, we will accommodate as many proposals as possible, but if we need to make choices we will give preference to people who didn't present last year and to works that have not yet been accepted for publication.

(b) For early stage works, please give us the working title, and a few lines about the idea you want to pursue.

Responses will be sent by the end of November. If your proposal is accepted, we'll ask you to submit your paper by Friday, December 29, to ensure that discussants (and everyone else) have enough time to read thoroughly and prepare comments in advance of the conference.

Membership in JILSA is open to any pre-tenure scholar, and if non-members would like to join they should email the co-chairs.

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