Call for Papers - Fordham IPLJ 2018 Symposium—Free Speech, Civility, and Respect



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New York


Fordham Intellectual Property Media and Entertainment Law Journal

The Fordham Intellectual Property Media and Entertainment Law Journal (IPLJ) invites submissions for papers for our 28th annual Symposium Edition, Spring 2018. This year, IPLJ will focus on the values underlying our commitment to free speech, and the need to balance these protections with civility and respect for human welfare. Submitted papers should be centered around the impact of freedom of expression and free press on the media, and focus on similar legal issues that we will discuss in our Symposium, including:

(1) European Union Comparative Law, examining the differing treatment of free of speech in Europe; how—and whether—the United States should regulate content produced by media entities and social media platforms; as well as broader restrictions on hate speech.

(2) The Death of Political Neutrality and the increasing level of polarized political views in media organizations. Suggested topics include: whether the news and matters of public concern should be presented in a neutral manner; and whether policies similar to the Fairness Doctrine would create unconstitutional restrictions on freedom of the press, or foster productive discourse.

(3) Safeguarding Information Integrity in the Era of Fake News. The promulgation of fake news on the internet raises important legal issues regarding non-press media outlets and social media platforms. How do we regulate those who aren’t held accountable to the same legal standards as the press, or restrict the mediums in which fake news can be disseminated?

In addition to our Symposium, IPLJ will explore more broad issues relating to freedom of expression, including: whether we should limit free speech protections given the current political climate; cyber bullying and online misogyny; and the doctrine’s effect on intellectual property rights.

Accepted papers will be featured at the Symposium, and will published in the upcoming Spring 2018 issue of our publication. Submissions are due by January 15, 2018. Please submit articles via email to, and include a resume or CV.  Decisions will be made on a rolling basis as articles are received.

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Katarina Varriale, Senior Articles Editor
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal
Fordham University School of Law
150 West 62nd Street, Room LL-127
New York, NY 10023