Carrel Reservations and Stacking Permits

Carrel Reservations

The Law Library has many carrels available for study by students. Under ordinary circumstances all carrels are available for use by any library patron. Students engaged in extensive research projects may, however, reserve a study carrel for a limited period. (The journals all have permanent carrel space on the main floor of the library.)

Individuals who have exigent circumstances, such as a required writing project (excluding 1L Research &  Writing projects) may also request a balcony carrel assignment in which to stack library resources (see below). Requests should be filed on the appropriate form at the Circulation Desk, Monday-Friday. Carrels are assigned for a period of three weeks, with one renewal possible.

A stacking permit allows a student to keep certain library materials together on a study table in the main reading room of the  library.  Stacks are not permitted in the Annex or outside of the public areas of the library (i.e., not in journal offices).

Stacking Permits

Any law student is eligible for a stacking permit while working on his or her writing requirement; cite checking or writing for the Georgia Law Review, Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law or Journal of Intellectual Property; or preparing a Moot Court Team brief or Mock Trial argument.   If you are working on one of these assignments, you may request a Stacking Permit at the Circulation Desk from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The rules governing stacks are printed on the permits.  Please make yourself familiar these rules before you begin your stack.