Carrels and Stacking

Law Library carrels may not be reserved as personal study spaces.  Unless a ‘stack’ is established according to one of the descriptions below, any library materials or personal items left in carrels or on library study tables will be removed to the Lost and Found.
"Stacking" refers to the practice of leaving library materials on tables for ongoing use by a student for a specific project.  No personal items may be left in a stack.  Other library materials that have been checked out to the student, and not the stacking location, may not be left in the stack.  No stack can include more than thirty (30) items.  

Stacking can be authorized under one of three situations:
1) The Journals and Moot Court have been assigned stacking locations at the index tables on the main floor of  the library.  This privilege allows their members to check out to those locations for 160 day periods,  selected items necessary for the official business of the organizations.   Any stacked material may be recalled.
2) Law students who are working on a required writing project (excluding 1L Research &  Writing projects) may request a carrel assignment on the balcony,  for a period of three weeks, with one renewal possible.   This assignment allows the student to stack library materials in the assigned carrel. It does not give the student exclusive rights to the carrel, other than as a place to stack library materials.  
3) Any law student may leave materials on a table for 3 days without prior permission and without officially circulating the materials to the "stack."  These short term stacks may not be on the main floor of the library. To take advantage of this privilege, the student must leave a dated note on the stack, clearly identifying it as a stack.  Stacks falling within this three-day rule cannot be renewed. 


Last revised:  November 2011