Career Counseling

Guidance for Your Career and Job Search

Job searching is a job in and of itself.  It requires a significant amount of time and effort.  The Career Development office strives to support and guide students and alumni through the process, and we are available for counseling sessions Monday-Friday to help you maximize your efforts and achieve your career goals.


The staff in the Career Development office is here to help students sort through the complex and sometimes daunting process of finding a job that lines up with their career aspirations and qualifications.  Our aim is to help students be as effective and successful as possible in pursuing a rewarding job and career. 

Counseling sessions provide students with an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on and clarify their career goals;
  • Review and revise resumes, cover letters, writing samples and other job search related documents;
  • Develop strategies for finding positions matched to their interests and qualifications
  • Discuss networking efforts and strategies
  • Consider the best ways to access fields of interest;
  • Prepare for interviews; and
  • Discuss any other matters that may help them find an ideal position

Students should incorporate regular meetings with CDO counselors into their job search program.  Expectations for meetings should be established during scheduling.  CDO recommends that students meet with an CDO counselor at the beginning of each semester to re-evaluate goals, practice area interests, and geographic desires.  CDO counselors will then be better equipped to target their assistance throughout the remainder of the semester.

Students can schedule counseling appointments through Symplicity under "Request a Counseling Appointment."

Career Development Staff

Kenny R. Tatum, Senior Director

Kristin Strunk Lowry, Associate Director

Tony Waller, Associate Director

Laura E. Woodson, Associate Director

Beth Shackleford, Director

Robbie Eddins,
Interview & Symplicity Coordinator

Patricia Flaherty
Student Engagement Coordinator