Environmental and Land Use Law Courses

Qualifying course offerings can change from semester to semester. For a complete list for the current academic year, check the student handbook or contact the Law School Registrar.

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  • Housing Law , JURI: 5540 , Credit Hours: 3
    The course covers selected issues in housing law and policy, drawn from both the private and public sectors. The course accommodates a number of different perspectives and interest areas, including non-legal disciplines related to housing. The course will be run seminar style, with assigned readings, directed discussion, and guest lectures. Each student will prepare a major research paper on a topic related to housing and will make an oral presentation of the paper to the class. There is no final exam.

  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Law Practicum , JURI: 5290 , Credit Hours: 4
    Advanced research in legal control of environmental problems, with primary attention given to water and biodiversity issues. Law students work with graduate students from other disciplines including ecology, forestry, agriculture and environmental design, to address problems identified by watershed stakeholders.

  • International Environmental Law , JURI: 5750 , Credit Hours: 3
    Interdisciplinary introduction to international environmental law and policy, focusing on how international environmental regimes emerge, develop and influence behavior. Selected case studies on topics such as acid rain, global warming, whaling, deforestation, and trade in endangered species.

  • Land Conservation Skills , JURI: 4801 , Credit Hours: 3
    U.S./GA and will develop skills through drafting and interviewing exercises; guest lectures by representatives of government agencies, land trusts, the mitigation industry and tax professionals; and field trips to monitor conservation easements

  • Land Use , JURI: 4790 , Credit Hours: 3
    Analysis of the legal and administrative aspects of the regulation of land use for development and the problems and techniques of urban planning. Particular attention is given to zoning, subdivision controls, public acquisition of land and urban redevelopment.

  • Natural Resources , JURI: 4910 , Credit Hours: 3
    The law governing the acquisition and use of natural resources, with particular regard to natural resources on publicly owned lands.

  • Practicum in Animal Welfare Skills , JURI: 5278S, 5279S , Credit Hours: 4-6
    This is a practicum in which students will learn to identify, investigate, and prosecute animal welfare crimes and ordinance violations. In some semesters, it may include drafting ordinances and state laws, providing an analysis of laws presented for adoption by others, and other related tasks. In academic years in which Boot Camp in Animal Welfare Skills is taught, it must be taken in advance of this practicum or concurrently. Register for both 5278S (graded portion) and 5279S (pass/fail portion).

  • Property , JURI: 4090 , Credit Hours: 4
    This course addresses the recognition, development, and regulation of rights in real property and personal property, including the nature and function of possession and title, shared ownership, private and public rights, and transfers of property.

  • Real Estate Development , JURI: 5490 , Credit Hours: 3
    Commercial real estate acquisition; development and financing of subdivisions, condominiums, planned developments, and income property; negotiation of financing provisions for income property, including nonrecourse clauses, guaranties, environmental indemnities, and opinions of borrower's counsel; ground leasing and sale-leaseback transactions.

  • Real Estate Transactions , JURI: 4780 , Credit Hours: 3
    Residential and commercial real estate transactions, including contracts of sale, brokerage arrangements, deeds of conveyance, the recording system, and methods of title assurance; financing of real estate acquisition, including installment land contracts, mortgages, and other financing methods.