Litigation (Civil): Practice and Procedure Courses

Qualifying course offerings can change from semester to semester. For a complete list for the current academic year, check the student handbook or contact the Law School Registrar.

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  • Federal Courts , JURI: 4570 , Credit Hours: 3
    This course will focus on the structure, jurisdiction, and powers of federal courts. Coverage will include: development of the federal court system; selection of judges; the judicial power under Article III; justiciability and the case-or-controversy requirement (standing, ripeness, mootness, political questions); the Erie doctrine; federal common law; challenges to jurisdiction; federal question jurisdiction; diversity jurisdiction; venue and transfer; special problems of removal jurisdiction.

  • Georgia Practice and Procedure , JURI: 4620 , Credit Hours: 3
    An advanced course in Civil Procedure. Explores in depth the Georgia Civil Practice Act and Long-Arm Statute, as interpreted by Georgia appellate court decisions, along with selected constitutional and statutory provisions allocating jurisdiction among trial courts, venue, and validity of judgments.

  • International Arbitration , JURI: 4720 , Credit Hours: 2
    This course will examine the legal regime governing international commercial arbitration. Topics will include the enforcement of arbitration agreements, arbitral procedure and the enforcement of arbitral awards. The course also will consider how to draft arbitral clauses.

  • Interviewing, Counseling, & Negotiating , JURI: 5420 , Credit Hours: 2
    This course focuses upon theories of psychology, sociology, and conflict resolution, as applied to three of the most fundamental skills for litigators — interviewing, counseling, and negotiating. Students then have the opportunity to hone these skills through hands-on, practice based simulations.

  • Jane W. Wilson Family Justice Clinic , JURI: 5140S, 5141L , Credit Hours: 4 - 6
    Superior Court civil litigation clinic representing lower income victims of domestic abuse in obtaining protective orders. Students work as lay advocates and student practitioners to provide direct service to clients including screening and referral, interviewing, counseling, pleading and case preparation, negotiation, and advocacy at final hearings under the Student Practice Act. Class discussion centers on readings in texts and statutes relating to family violence, as well as on theory and practice of lawyering in a litigation/negotiation context. (See description of JURI 4500S for clinic grading policy.) Register for both 5140S (graded portion) and 5141L (pass/fail portion).

  • Mass Tort Litigation , JURI: 4143 , Credit Hours: 3
    This course focuses on the legal problems and issues associated with the unique, growing phenomenon of mass torts, e.g., the B.P. Oil Spill, the 9/11 litigation, tobacco, Agent Orange, Dalkon Shield, breast implants, asbestos personal injury litigation, Holocaust litigation etc. We will examine such issues as consolidation of state and federal litigation in one forum, judicial determination of who should appropriately manage the litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, how courts determine legal causation, strategic and ethical considerations for plaintiffs and defendants, strategies for litigation funding, alternatives to judicial resolution, and issues associated with Congressional intervention. This class will explore the overriding question of whether the courts can dispense individual justice in cases involving thousands of litigants.

  • Mediation Practicum I , JURI: 5975 , Credit Hours: 3
    The course consists of in-class, simulation-based training, including interactive training on the mediation process, the role and competencies of the mediator, ethical and regulatory rules governing mediation and a series of specific topics of mediation practice. It also includes an introduction to small claims court and to the primary legal issues that students will encounter in practice. This course is designed to satisfy the requirements of the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution ("GODR") for the training of court-certified mediators.

  • Medical Malpractice , JURI: 5590 , Credit Hours: 1
    A nuts and bolts approach to medical malpractice law and litigation in Georgia. Taught by practicing attorneys, plaintiff and defense perspectives are offered. While the focus is on substantive law, the procedural aspects of such cases are also covered.

  • Multidistrict Litigation: Law, Practice, and Strategy , JURI: 5597 , Credit Hours: 1
    This course dissects the legal problems and issues associated with aggregate litigation in federal multidistrict litigation by examining various court decisions, decisions by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, scholarly articles, empirical data, and litigation filings. It likewise considers strategic and ethical considerations.

  • Pre-Trial Civil Litigation , JURI: 5453 , Credit Hours: 2
    The strategies of complex civil litigation, focusing on case development and analysis in the pre-trial period.