David Mullens, 3L

Hometown: Tampico, Mexico
Undergrad: University of Virginia, 2011

Biographical Information

David is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he majored in History. He was editor-in-chief of a political periodical at UVA as well as a feared intramural floor hockey captain for his fraternity.  David has an avid interest in Spanish and Hispanic culture that stems from his upbringing in Mexico and studying abroad in Valencia, Spain.

 David’s always known he wanted to go to law school so the main question facing him his last year in undergrad became which law school he should attend.  It became a no brainer.  David’s always been attracted to Atlanta, because of the large size, southern hospitality mixed with international flair, and its market opportunities.  Because of UGA’s very strong connections to Atlanta through alumni and physical proximity, this made UGA a top choice.  This feeling was cemented after touring the school and speaking to current law students; both of these actions gave him a feel for the warmth and charm of the people, town, and school environment.

David is enjoying his law school experience.  Fellow students are friendly and living in Athens is fun.  David has become heavily focused in litigation, as shown by having worked for two litigation firms the past two summers and beginning an internship with the Rockdale DA’s Office through the Prosecutorial Clinic. David looks forward to seeing where his passion for litigation takes him in the upcoming years.

  • Grew up in Mexico & Fluent in Spanish
  • Strongly interested in a career in litigation
  • Plans to practice in the Southeast

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