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Application for EJF Fellowship

Applications for EJF Fellowships will be available in March 2014.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may apply for the EJF Fellowship Program?
    • Any first or second year student who (1) has not received an EJF Fellowship previously and (2) who will work in an uncompensated public interest legal position this summer.
  • What is public interest law?
    • The best definition EJF has found of ‘public interest law’ is Equal Justice Works’ definition (see www.equaljusticeworks.org): “the use of law by nonprofit organizations, law firms and government agencies to provide legal representation to people, groups, or interests that are historically underrepresented in the legal system. Areas of public interest law include, but are not limited to, civil rights and liberties, women’s rights, children and youth services, immigrant issues, worker rights employment law, consumer rights, public benefits, gay and lesbian rights, environmental law, prisoner rights, criminal law, and the death penalty.”
  • Are there types of jobs that are ineligible for the EJF Fellowship Program?
    • Yes. EJF does not award fellowships for employment in for-profit organizations, positions on political campaigns, judicial clerkships, or research positions with professors. Furthermore, EJF will not award fellowships to students who are (1) paid to perform the proposed work, (2) could be paid to perform the proposed work, or (3) are receiving class credit for the proposed work.
  • What if my summer public interest employer is only providing a small stipend or minimal reimbursement for my proposed work?
    • EJF will consider applications for work where the student receives minimal reimbursement for such expenses as parking or transportation. EJF reserves the right to contact employers to confirm that the employer is unable to compensate the student.
  • Who chooses the Fellows?
    • A Selection Committee made up of seven non-applicant students and one non-voting faculty member will determine the 2014 Fellows. The process is anonymous, meaning that the names of applicants will have been redacted from all the applications before they are reviewed by the Selection Committee.
  • How competitive is the application process?
    • The EJF Fellowship Program is very competitive. Only 40% of last year’s applicants were awarded Fellowships.
  • How many Fellowships will EJF be awarding this year?
    • The number of Fellowships EJF awards varies from year to year. The variation is a product of the amount of money raised at each year’s Auction and the way in which the Selection Committee decides to distribute Fellowships. Last year we awarded six partial Fellowships and two full Fellowships.
  • How much are EJF Fellowships?
    • A full EJF Fellowship is a grant of $3,500. A partial Fellowship is a grant of $1,500.
  • What are the most important factors the Selection Committee considers?
    • The Selection Committee will award fellowships based on the following criteria: (1) the job description and its ability to hone legal skills, (2) the applicant’s prior public interest and community service experience, and (3) whether the position furthers the applicant’s career goals.
  • Once selected, what responsibilities do EJF Fellows have?
    • The Fellow must (1) work at least 320 hours over the summer at the proposed public interest employer, (2) solicit at least three items for the 2015 Annual Auction, and (3) submit a Fellowship Report to the EJF Board once the summer internship is completed.