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Start getting yourselves in groups and get ready to bid!  Here are some of the exciting packages that the UGA Law professors have put together for students to win at the auction!

Professors Coenen, Smith and Ringhand offer one regular season Packer party, complete with Packer prizes and paraphernalia. The party will be hosted by Professor Coenen. Wisconsin haute cuisine will also be provided, including beer, brats and cheese. Date to be determined. Designated driver required. Limit: 10.

Hey all you crunchy, crafty Athenians! Professors Miller and Ringhand invite four students to a knitting lesson. Yeah, we’re serious. Needles, yarn, and instruction will be provided, and we guarantee you will leave with a good start on a warm, wooly item, as well as a new appreciation of just how fabulous this traditional fiber craft can be. If none of that appeals, just come for the wine and assorted goodies. Designated driver required. Limit: 4


Kickball! Co-captains Professors Ringhand and Dennis will be challenging the reigning cheaters . . . errrr, champions led by Professor Hall. Here’s how it works: the Ringhand/Dennis team and the Hall team will each be sold separately. The winning teams will meet at Bishop Park on a date to be determined, and have at it. A post-game party will be hosted by the professors at Normal Bar. Teams must be co-ed (try for 50/50). Designated Driver required. Limit: 10 per team.


Professors Burch and Burch will host a cookout for 6 featuring burgers, beer, bocce ball, and horseshoes.


Professor Beth Burch offers one free pass on the Wheel of Joy to Section Z 1Ls.


Homemade, hearth-stone pizza dinner for 6 at the Leonard home in downtown Athens prepared by Prof. Leonard’s husband, Thom, an artisan baker and founder (among other businesses) of WheatFields Bakery in Lawrence, KS.


Professors Milot and Miller (and their pups, Willow, Harlan and Ginger) invite up to 5 students and their dogs for a dog party. There will be coffee and brunch for the human participants, and fresh water and tennis balls for the canine ones. Other professors can be expected to drop by with their dogs as well.

Dinner for 6 students with Prof. and Mrs. Thompson and Prof. and Mrs. Rutledge, followed by (or following) a short tour of the Georgia Museum of Art, with special emphasis the Thompsons' gifts to the museum.  Dinner will include wine from the Rutledge collection.


Professor Eaton challenges 5-6 to an evening of Poker at his home.


Professor Eaton will take 4-6 students to a UGA Baseball game followed by beer and food.


Profs. West and Dennis and their infant sons will host "Babies who Brunch" -- up to four students are invited to a weekend brunch at the students' choice of Big City Bread, Mama's Boy or The Grit.

Prof. Mauldin hosts Dinner with the DA!  Dinner for 4 at Outback. 


Dean and Mrs. Kurtz will treat six students to dinner at an Athens restaurant of the students’ choosing.  Bowties Optional.


Professor Julian Cook will treat 5 students to lunch at the Mellow Mushroom.


Kellie Casey Monk will host a bar crawl for 5 at her favorite Athens dives.


Professor Peck invites thirteen friends to Peck’s Equestrian Facility located in Monroe, Georgia on any mutually convenient Saturday. Arriving around noon, the group will enjoy bar-b-que brisket, Peck’s award winning corn on the cob, and beer, as well as a tour of her show horse facility and introduction to her string of Arabian and half-Arabian show horses. We have three foals being born this spring and nothing is better than hugging on a baby filly or colt!! The group members will be able to pet and feed carrots to all forty plus horses in residence, as well as watch Peck give a riding demonstration on one of her show horses. If you are especially brave, Peck will allow you to saddle up as well. According to W. Churchill, the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man. So buy this package and come get some horse therapy. Giddy Up!!


Professor Beck invites four students to join him and his family for a Mexican meal and strategy games (e.g., Risk, Settlers of Cataan, Axis & Allies, History of the World).


Professors Meyer and Sawyer will host a poker tournament for 6-8 at one of their homes.  Players will compete for a $100 gift certificate to an Athens restaurant of the winner’s choice.  Food and drink will be provided.


The winner of this item is entitled to a guided shopping spree at the Widespread Panic Merchandise warehouse in Athens. Pick out t-shirts, cds, posters, coffee mugs, all on Professor Lanier's dime. There is an upper limit on this prize of $200 wholesale value, but that will get you a lot of WSP merchandise.  Added bonus- you will likely get to meet Greta and Crumpy while there! Winning bidder should contact Prof Lanier to arrange the shopping spree.


Prof. Lanier invites three students on a Dawg Walk or a Dawg Paddle. If you select Dawg Walk, you and Professor Lanier will take a restorative and idyllic walk (with or without a dog) through Prof. Lanier's neighborhood along the Oconee river, followed by deck sitting with snacks and drinks -depending on the time of day it could be coffee or tea, or beer or wine. On the stroll, it is possible to see foxes, wild turkeys, deer, and all types of interesting birds, ranging from the elusive pheobe, to bluebird pairs, to pileated woodpeckers. You will leave with a clear mind and a happy heart.  If you select Dawg Paddle, the three students and Prof. Lanier will paddle "sit on top" kayaks down the Oconee River, ending with drinks and snacks on her deck. This prize does not require great paddling skill, but comfort on the water would be helpful and probably would make your trip more enjoyable. You will see a side of Athens few get to experience!


Professors Hall and Rodrigues will donate an evening of beer and trivia for 6 at a to-be-determined location.


Prof. Fazal Khan will treat 4 students to a trivia night at a local bar.


Professor Camilla Watson will treat 4 students to lunch at any restaurant downtown.


Professors Leonard, Dennis, Hashimoto, Milot, Ringhand, Cohen, Rodrigues, and West will host up to 10 students for a wine tasting extravaganza. A designated driver is required.

Join Professor Alan Cook and his wife for a backyard barbecue, a homemade dessert, and a competitive Bag-O tournament and free throw contest.  Prizes for the winning teams.  Limit six (6) persons.  Spouses and significant others are welcome.


Prof. Sabbath will provide dinner and drinks for 6 students - details to follow.


Professor Coenen invites 8 students to come enjoy game-night at the Coenen's with pizza and drinks!


Prof. Wells will treat 3 students to lunch anywhere in downtown Athens.


Professor Brown hosts Dinner for 4 students, featuring Who Knew, perfect martinis, cosmopolitans, and filet mignon.  (Designated driver required)


Professor Shipley will host 10 students for dinner at his home.


Professor (and REM Manager) Bertis Downs invites four students to join him for lunch at The National.


Professor Carlson will meet two students at Porterhouse Grill for lunch and gift them with the book Objections at Trial, the world's guide to every evidentiary objection known to humankind.


Professor Scherr and Mrs. Scherr treat 4 students to dinner at Five & Ten.


Prof. and Mrs. Wilkes invite four students to join them for dinner at George’s Low Country Boil. 


Profs. Eaton and Shipley along with two students will square off against Profs. Rutledge and Sawyer and their two student teammates in a round of golf at the Athens Country Club on April 25.