student testing water
Students in the Environmental Practicum work to improve water quality and protect and restore native aquatic species in targeted watersheds and the Upper Etowah River Basin. Photo by Kelly Wegel.

Environmental Practicum

Course Information & Requirements

Students are required to attend two or three class meetings in the first two weeks of semester to select projects and develop work-plans; There are also approximately four to six lectures (Tuesdays from 3:30-6:00 PM) on ecological, design and policy issues affecting the watershed. The class will take one paddling trip; students are required to participate in periodic meetings with the group to develop particular projects. Most semesters participants will make a project presentation (either to stakeholders or to the class and other interested parties at the University), with rehearsal in advance.

While there are no prerequisites, we strongly encourage Law students to take this course AFTER they have taken the environmental law survey course.