Supreme Court of Georgia Special Session

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 10:30am to 12:35pm
Hatton Lovejoy Courtroom, Hirsch Hall

The Supreme Court of Georgia will sit in a special session at the University of Georgia School of Law. 

PLEASE NOTE:  No backpacks, purses, phones, food or drinks will be allowed in the courtroom. Professional dress is required. There will be no entry to the courtroom once the court is in session. Attendees will be expected to stay for the full proceedings.

The first case the court will hear involves a claim by parents over the death of a child who was killed when a Chrysler Jeep Cherokee was struck by a pickup truck.  The gas tank of the Cherokee was punctured and the vehicle caught fire. The jury returned a multi-million dollar verdict against Chrysler, and the court will hear questions of tort law during the hearing.

Another case involves a forthcoming criminal trial involving the death of Tara Grinstead and the charges against Ryan Duke. The trial court, upon motion of the defendant, entered an order restricting pretrial statements by prosecutors, law enforcement, and others. News media appealed, claiming the trial court’s gag order is unconstitutional. The cases are Chrysler Group LLC v. Walden and WXIA-TV and 13 WMAZ-TV v. State of Georgia.

In addition to these cases, there is also the opportunity for members of the bar to be admitted to the Georgia Supreme Court. The application for admission is available online at The deadline for application is October 16, 2017. Other details may be obtained from Joy Littlefield, Georgia Supreme Court Attorney Admissions Coordinator, at (404)463-1895 or email at littlefieldj@gasupreme.usGeorgia Supreme Court admissions instructions.

Summaries of the cases are available here.

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