George Ray, 2L

Hometown: Fitzgerald, GA
Undergrad: Georgia Tech, 2009

Biographical Information


George is a 2L from Fitzgerald, Georgia.  After graduating from Georgia Tech in 2009, where he studied business management and public policy, George spent three years working in Tech’s Office of Government and Community Relations.  He credits his time working with preparing him to go back to law school.  “Having the opportunity to represent my alma mater at the State Capitol was fun and rewarding, but more importantly, the experience gave me perspective I needed and strengthened my desire to return to law school.” 

A native Georgian, the University of Georgia School of Law was a natural choice for George.  “This state is where I am from, and it is where I want to be—but I know that Georgia Law will allow me to have the ability to compete with anyone, anywhere.”  To him, the academic reputation, practicality, and significant value create a perfect combination of elements important in his legal education. However, the collegiality of Georgia Law is what sets it apart from other law schools for George.  “Everyone, students and faculty alike, wants to be here, and it makes what is a hard-working environment feel less like the competitive law school it is and more like a community of friends and scholars.”

George spent his 1L summer back in Atlanta, splitting the break between working with a large regional law firm and with attorneys in the State Capitol.  "Though it was not much of a 'break,' my summer experiences really helped me begin to figure out what kind of practice I want.  I would not have the opportunities without my affiliation with Georgia Law."  When he graduates, George would like to build his career and stay engaged with public service in the state.  “There are Georgia Law alumni in every walk of life across Georgia.  Where could be a better place to stay connected?”

  • Worked for 3 years before attending law school
  • Believes collegiality of Georgia Law sets it apart
  • Interested in future public service to the state


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