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Subscription Forms

For your convenience, the Georgia Law Review accepts subscription requests by email or traditional mail. To make a request by email please email your name, address, and volume requested to If you would like to submit your request by mail, please follow the directions below.

General Subscription Information

The Georgia Law Review publishes four issues per year from August through July. Subscription fees are payable in advance with no refund after payment.

Subscription fees: $34 domestic, $40 foreign.

Fees must be paid by check or money order made payable to "Georgia Law Review."

Send fees to:

Georgia Law Review
University of Georgia School of Law
Athens, GA 30602
(Please include name and mailing address for delivery as well as the volume requested)

Also available: Reprints of Torts in Verse: The Foundational Cases, by R. Perry Sentell, Jr., signed by the author! ($4 payable in advance)

For questions regarding subscriptions, please call (706) 542-7286 or email




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