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Spring 2008 Schedule of Presenters

February 8- Beth Simmons (Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs and Director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University): “Theories of Commitment
February 15- Nadia Bernaz (Lecturer, Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland at Galway): “The Caribbean Court of Justice: One Court with Two Jurisdictions -- A Unique Judicial Institution?

February 29- Tonya Putnam (Assistant Professor of Political Science, Columbia University): “Beyond Presumption?: Explaining Extraterritorial Variation over Civil Claims

March 17  -  Gregory Shaffer (Wing-Tat Lee Chair of International Law, Loyola University): “A Structural Theory of WTO Dispute Settlement:  Why Institutional Choice Lies at the Center of the GMO Case

March 21- Paul Schiff Berman (Jesse Root Professor of Law, University of Connecticut):  “Global Legal Pluralism

March 28- Frédéric Mégret (Canada Research Chair in the Law of Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, University of McGill): “Civil Disobedience in Defense of International Law
April 4- David Caron (C. William Maxeimer Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California at Berkeley):  "Towards a Political Theory of International Courts and Tribunals"

April 7- Ingrid Wuerth (Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University):  "An Originalism for Foreign Affairs?"


Spring 2007 Schedule of Presenters
February 9-  Curtis Bradley (Duke University):  “Unratified Treaties, Domestic Politics and the U.S. Constitution”

February 16 - Melissa Waters (Washington & Lee):  "Foreign Authority Through a Narrow Lens: Interpretative Incorporation of Treaties"

February 23 - Joost Pauwelyn (Duke University) -  "Optimal Protection of International Law"

March 2 - Jacob Cogan (University of Cincinnati):  "Competition and Control in International Adjudication"

March 23 - Janet Levit (University of Tulsa):  "Bottom-Up Transnational Lawmaking"

April 13 - Derek Jinks (University of Texas): “Hamdan and the Laws of War

April 20 - Diane Amann (University of California-Davis): “Slave Trafficking, Crimes against Humanity”

Spring 2006 Schedule of Presenters

February 10 - Laura Dickinson (University of Connecticut): "Democracy and Trust"

February 17 - Mark Drumbl (Washington & Lee): "Atrocity and Punishment"

February 24 - Karen Knop (University of Toronto): "Enemies and Outlaws: War and the Public/Private Citizen"

March 3 - Brad Roth (Wayne State): "State Sovereignty and International Legality"

April 7 - Diane Orentlicher (American University): "Whose Justice?  Reconciling Universal Jurisdiction with Democratic Principles"

April 14 - Roger Alford (Pepperdine): Foreign Relations as a Matter of Interpretation: The Use and Abuse of Charming Betsy

April 21 - Ed Swaine (University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School): "Alien Authority"
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