Jaaonne Jackson, 2L

Hometown: Jefferson Valley, NY
Undergrad: Spelman College, 2008

Biographical Information


Jaaonne, a native of New York, completed her undergraduate studies at Spelman College, double-majoring in English and Psychology. After graduation, Jaaonne headed to Cambridge, Massachusetts to pursue graduate studies in Prevention Science and Practice at Harvard University.  Jaaonne has always had an interest in education and federal policy and management. While a graduate student, Jaaonne was afforded the invaluable opportunity to explore these issues though the lens of pedagogical incongruity while serving as a graduate research assistant. In addition, she also served as the Finance and Development Chair for the annual alumni conference, helping to secure over $30,000 through targeted solicitation and grant writing efforts. During the summer, she interned with the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, investigating the political and legal implications of transformative education initiatives. Jaaonne worked with talented policy and research professionals to create a framework for education policy reform. Here, she was given the task of designing and compiling the organization’s first research portfolio for board consideration and was one of two editors of the organization’s strategic plan. Upon earning a M.Ed, she worked with a global non-profit organization on an employment initiative funded through the Workforce Investment Act. This position colored and focused her interest in law and policy and reignited her desire to apply to law school. Jaaonne is still considering all areas of law but hopes to marry her research background and interests in policy as a future lawyer.  

Jaaonne was initially interested in UGA Law for its excellent regional and national reputation, clinical programs, and the study-abroad and domestic study opportunities like the Semester in Washington D.C. program. Additionally, location is a major factor in deciding where to attend law school.  Athens is very affordable, student- centered and incredibly easy to navigate. UGA Law is exceptional in that it is located within a charming southern town and yet is only an hour and a half away from legal opportunities and events in the major legal market of Atlanta.

To help balance the uniquely demanding schedule and work-load of law school, UGA Law offers many helpful resources for first year students including student professional development events, social activities, seminars on online legal research, and career services resources and guidance. Also, UGA has a plethora of student organizations that encourage 1L participation. These groups are also a great way to explore and define legal interests, gain exposure and access to practicing professionals and meet fellow students with similar legal aspirations. Also, the faculty and staff are incredibly accessible and eager to help, with most (if not all) professors adhering to an open-door policy and offering guidance outside of the classroom. At UGA law, you feel like a member of a community of scholars with people who are genuinely invested in student success and development.

  • Native New Yorker
  • Interested in combing research and policy background with legal education
  • Impressed by student organizations encouraging 1L participation


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