Krunal Shah, 3L

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA
Undergrad: Unversity of Georgia, 2011

Biographical Information

Krunal attended the University of Georgia and majored in Political Science as an undergraduate student. As a child he always knew he wanted to attend law school and after graduation his search for the perfect law school began. Wanting to expand his horizons, he originally wanted to attend a law school in a region outside of the southeast. However, after living in Michigan and speaking to students from different schools across the country, Krunal quickly realized that the sentiments he heard from students at Georgia Law were always positive. Georgia Law students consistently boasted about how helpful the students were to one another, how passionate their professors were about the subject matter in class, and how much they enjoyed living in Athens. He quickly realized that everything he wanted in a law school could be found at Georgia Law.

Krunal has enjoyed his time at Georgia Law: "The culture of the law school is truly amazing; whether it's the faculty, staff or students you really get the feeling that everyone is always on your side." Life in Athens as a professional student has also been a surprise for him - he quickly realized that there is always something new to experience in Athens, no matter how long you have lived here previously. Whether it is going out to downtown lunch spots with his fellow classmates or attending one of the many live music shows in town, Athens continues to provide a welcome break to the intensity of law school.

  • Double Dawg (UGA undergrad & law)
  • Interested in corporate litigation
  • Enjoys life in Athens


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