Law Library Jobs

Paid Positions for Students

Research Assistant

Open to students currently enrolled in the University of Georgia. Direct inquiries to Cheryl Solomon (csolomon at

Students have performed a variety of roles including:

  • Research Assistants (open only to Law Students)
  • Circulation Student Assistants
  • Shelving Student Assistants
  • Technical Services Student Assistants
  • Special Collections & Archives Student Assistants

Unpaid Internship Positions for Graduate Students (credit-hours only)

Open to students currently enrolled in a master's program in library and information science.

Refer to Law Library's internship policy for more information. Direct inquiries to Suzanne Graham (srgraham at, Law Library Intern Coordinator.

Law Librarian Positions

No current openings. Check the AALL Job Search for other openings.

Law Library Staff Positions

Check the University System of Georgia Applicant Clearinghouse for other openings.