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Last Updated August 8, 2019

Messages to < > go to the Inboxes of regular, fulltime, campus-based teaching faculty including tenured, tenure-track, clinical faculty, legal writing and legal research instructors as well as law librarians. LAWFAC is sometimes confused with LAWTTC, the listserv for tenured and tenure-track law faculty only.

LAWTTC and LEGALWRITING are sublists of LAWFAC. 

Full LAWFAC list is the following list + LAWTTC + LEGALWRITING:

1  Allison Hale ahale@UGA.EDU 
2  Amy Taylor amy.taylor@UGA.EDU 
3  Anne Burnett aburnett@UGA.EDU 
4  Carol A. Watson cwatson@UGA.EDU 
5  Christina L. Boyd cLboyd@UGA.EDU 
6  Christine Scartz cmscartz@UGA.EDU 
7  Elizabeth M. Grant emgrant@UGA.EDU 
8  Ellie Lanier eclanier@UGA.EDU 
9  Emma Hetherington ehether@UGA.EDU 
10  Greg Day 
11  Heather Simmons heather.simmons@UGA.EDU 
12  Jason Tubinis jtubinis@UGA.EDU 
13  Jessica Heywood jheywood@UGA.EDU 
14  Jonathan Peters jonathan.peters@UGA.EDU 
15  Kathleen Doty doty@UGA.EDU 
16  Kellie Casey krcasey@UGA.EDU 
17  Marisa Anne Pagnattaro pagnatta@UGA.EDU 
18  Rachel Evans rsevans@UGA.EDU 
19  Rob McNiff rob.mcniff@UGA.EDU 
20  Russell Gabriel gabrielr@UGA.EDU 
21  Sharon Bradley bradleys@UGA.EDU 
22  Stephen M. Wolfson Stephen.Wolfson@UGA.EDU 
23  Thomas V. Burch tvburch@UGA.EDU 
24  Tim Samples tsamples@UGA.EDU 
25  TJ Striepe tstriepe@UGA.EDU 
26  Wendy E. Moore wemoore@UGA.EDU 
27  Willow Tracy wtracy@UGA.EDU