Liz Wheeler (J.D. 2008)

Associate at The Moore Firm, LLC  

Atlanta, GA


Ms. Wheeler currently works with The Moore Firm, LLC, a boutique firm specializing in entertainment and IP law. As a student at the University of Georgia Law School, Ms. Wheeler completed an externship at Georgia Lawyers for the Arts through Professor Scherr’s Civil Externship program. They liked her work so much that they hired her and for Ms. Wheeler’s remaining time in law school, she worked as the Director of Volunteer Services at Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. After she graduated and passed the bar, Ms. Wheeler was hired to be a staff attorney with the program and split her time between Georgia Lawyers for the Arts and the private boutique entertainment and IP practice of then-Executive Director, Lisa Moore. Subsequently, as The Moore Firm, LLC continued to grow, Ms. Moore and Ms. Wheeler made the decision to focus on the private practice full time. 
Ms. Wheeler’s advice to current students is to understand that law schools teaches you to think like a lawyer, but doesn’t prepare you for the practice of law. Students should make the most of extracurricular opportunities at the law school in order to gain substantive knowledge about specific practice areas and to network with potential future colleagues. Students interested in the entertainment and intellectual property fields should take all relevant classes offered, and should work to stay abreast of recent developments in the industry through The Hollywood Reporter,, Variety, and other trade publications. She also suggests that recent graduates become active in the Georgia Bar to increase your visibility as a participant in your practice area (as well as among potential employers and clients). Concerning networking, Ms. Wheeler suggests setting up “informational interviews” with attorneys who are doing work that you admire in order to find out how they’ve reached their current position and what, if any, advice they might have for you.

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