students in mediation clinic
Become a registered Georgia mediator through the Mediation Clinic. In Mediation 1 students learn to serve as a neutral in general civil cases. Mediation 1 meets requirements for registration standards set by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Student who choose to continue can take Mediation 2, our clinic, where they mediate cases in Athens-Clarke County courts.

Mediation Clinic


The mediation clinic consists of two courses, Mediation I and Mediation II. Mediation I is a general civil mediation training that is approved by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Students who complete all of the requirements are eligible to register with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and, once registered, mediate court-referred cases in Georgia. Successful completion of Mediation I (or prior registration and the permission of the instructor) is required for students desiring to take Mediation II. Mediation II is a clinical experience where students mediate on-site for the Athens Clarke-County Magistrate Court.

Mediation skills are useful to almost any area of law practice. In learning to mediate students also learn how to communicate effectively, think creatively, negotiate using integrative bargaining principles, and how to draft clear and enforceable settlement agreements.