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Legal Tech Audit Readiness

After attending and completing the legal tech sessions in Excel, PDF, and Word you can fill out the form below and upload your assessment files.

Click to show/hide the following assessment templates and instruction files, as well as class presentation and handout links:

+ Excel


+ Word

Make sure you label each file LTA_[ProgramName]_[myid] and save each file with the appropriate extension.

For example: 

  • Excel files should look like this - LTA_Excel_joxcnv.xlsx
  • PDF files should look like this - LTA_PDF_joxcnv.pdf
  • Word files should look like this - LTA_Word_joxcnv.docx

You will recieve a confirmation email letting you know the upload was successful.

The deadline for submitting the assessment files is March 27, 2015.