Parentinn – Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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The Internet is a great technical innovation. But, it gave everyone the ability to slander others anonymously without having to deal with the social consequences of their action. It has also created nightmares for the parents of young children and teenagers.

It’s a breeding ground for pedophiles and playground for cyber bullies. It’s truly a disaster for the parents who have to deal with the consequences of the cyber crimes committed against their children.

No political leaders or governments thought through the implications of introducing a communication channel where people can hide behind a computer and attack other human beings anonymously.

No government seemed to had thought about the following scenarios:

  • How to prevent pedophiles using the Internet to lure their victims.
  • How to stop an old woman disguising as a young boy in a social network and influence a 13-year old innocent girl to commit suicide.
  • How to stop a company that uses its website to help the perverts to trade the children like commodities.

In an effort to the cause of preventing cyberbullying, we have created the Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students/ high school, college or graduate student or a student planning to enter college to receive $2500 award.