Rafi Law Firm Golden Gavel Scholarship

Monday, January 15, 2018
Award Amount: 


Rafi Law Firm is proud to announce its Golden Gavel Scholarship, worth $1,000.

College is important. College introduces students to a wide array of different fields, so that students can figure out what they enjoy and what work they would like to do. College also teaches students skills they need to obtain a job, perform well in their job, and advance their careers. Some estimates show that a college graduate with a college degree is expected to earn twice as much as someone who did not finish college.

During college, students also grow personally as they meet new people from new places, live more independently than they had before, and join groups and organizations they are interested in. Studies have shown that college graduates as more likely to actively participate and be involved with their communities.

College is also expensive. In the past 20 years, college tuition has increased more than 350% and has increased more than 6% each year for the last 10 years.

Our law firm knows about the sacrifices students and their families make to pay for college. Our scholarship is to help ease some of the financial burden of post-secondary education so students can achieve their dreams without putting as much stress on their families.The Golden Gavel Scholarship is our way of helping.