Academic Program

2016 Academic Program

The following courses will be offered in the 2016 spring semester:


Comparative Commercial Law  (3 credits)
taught by Georgia Law Professor Jim Smith

This course explores several significant areas of commercial law, including sales of goods, selection of business entities, and personal property financing. We will explore several major commercial law systems followed in different regions of the world. Because commercial activity has become increasingly international, it is important for lawyers and business people to understand the various principles underlying these systems.


Real Property Law in a Global Context (3 credits)
taught by Georgia Law Professor Jim Smith

This course focuses on property concepts and institutions that are important for global exonomic development and international trade. A large part of the course will be comparative; we will focus on the United States and a number of approaches from other major legal systems.


Supervised Research Tutorial (3 credits)

This course is modeled on the format of the justly renowned Oxford tutorial. Each tutor will meet periodically with a small number of students. Meetings will be devoted to planning or revising the students' individual research papers, to be completed by the end of the semester. Law students will participate in groups of three or four with their individual tutors (professors). Tutorial topics will vary depending on the interestes and availability of our Oxford-based faculty, but students will have an opportunitiy to express their preferences regarding tutorial assignments.


Comparative Constitutional Law (2 credits)
taught by Oxford Law Professor Nick Bamforth

This course explores common questions of rights raised in different constitutional regimes, and the varioius way sin which those regimes have approached those problems.


EU Economic Law (2 credits)
taught by Oxford Law Professor Stefan Enchelmaier

This course will examine the economic components of European Union Law.